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South Pasadena Tenants Union

SPTU is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending tenant rights and interests. We are a community of activists that believe in fair and affordable housing. We are in support of Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction for South Pasadena. We aim to spread awareness, support, and education for tenants in our city. 

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Housing Long Beach

Our vision is a Long Beach where all residents live in affordable, accessible, quality housing in healthy and empowered communities where government officials are responsive to the social and economic needs of all residents.

Our housing work focuses in four main areas:

Despite Narrow Rent Control Loss in Santa Rosa, Momentum Grows

Santa Rosa, CA—Last night the campaign to repeal Santa Rosa rent control, which was passed by Santa Rosa City Council in 2016, defeated the grassroots ballot initiative “Measure C” to defend rent control. In the same night, the Alameda City Council approved the addition of a just cause for eviction policy, a major win for tenants. Now landlords in Alameda have to cite a fair reason to evict tenants. The win in Alameda highlights the resilience of tenant activists and will inspire other cities in the midst of rent control campaigns.


Renters in Alameda Win 'Just Cause' Eviction Protections

Renters in Alameda secured a victory early Wednesday morning when the City Council voted to protect them from unjustified evictions.

The move came after the council heard from renters who said they fear that they could be put out of their homes at any time amid the Bay Area’s hot real estate market, and from property owners who said they were being treated unfairly and that their rental business could be undermined.

San Jose City Council Approves Immediate Protections Against No-Cause Evictions

In a resounding victory to renters struggling to survive in Silicon Valley, elected leaders Tuesday agreed to immediately enact protections approved last month that limit landlords’ ability to evict tenants.

That means as of 9:05 p.m. Tuesday, renters in San Jose cannot be evicted unless it’s for one of twelve acceptable reasons, including nonpayment of rent, property damage or criminal activity. The policy is expected to cover 450,000 renters.

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