Isla Vista Tenants Union

We are a student run organization that primarily focuses on tenant education and legal counseling.

Isla Vista Tenants Union challenges and transforms unjust housing conditions and housing policies through empowerment-based education, leadership development, and grassroots community organizing. 


We have been reporting that we have bedbugs since December 2007. The manager finally got someone to come and spray in May 2008. Then the bedbug problem continued and we asked them to spray again and they didn't come and spray until July 19th 2008. They didn't even use the right stuff to spray to get rid of them. We have been throwing out our personal belongings ever since March 2008. We have finally started buying bed bug stuff to treat ourselves. Now our manager has given us an eviction notice. Where's the justice in that.

San Francisco Rent Board

The San Francisco Rent Ordinance (SF Administrative Code, Chapter 37) was enacted effective June 13, 1979 by the Board Of Supervisors and signed by the Mayor as emergency legislation to alleviate the city's housing crisis. 
The Rent Board has the authority to:
1) Promulgate Rules and Regulations to effectuate the purposes of the Rent Ordinance
2) Hire staff, including administrative law judges
3) Conduct rental arbitration, or mediation hearings.

Mary Luz

I experienced discrimination in housing because of my family size and my daughter's and my own disability. I also had problems with mold in my apartment that the landlord didn't want to take care of. Tenant Organizing is important because people need to know what their rights are and to learn how to keep their housing. Through my circumstances I learned how to fight back and educate my neighbors to defend their rights and go to the right agencies before they lose their housing.


You will all love this!
My boyfriend and I moved into the apartment on Doheny 10 years ago. Within 8 months of being there, problems started to arise. First with plumbing, then electricity and we even were hassled for planting a beautiful garden in the back yard (which was previously a heap of garbage)

We chose the apartment because the rent was insanely cheap and it is in an incredible location; hardwood floors, huge and built in the mid 40’s.


Some years ago my partner and I rented part of a rent-controlled house in Berkeley. We were good tenants - always paid on time and did improvements on the yard. Our landlord was friendly at first, but then threatened us with eviction when I became pregnant with our second child. He said that we had "agreed we wouldn't have children" when we moved in. He repeatedly harassed us for months and entered the house without notification or permission while I was on bedrest to avoid a miscarriage. Among other things, he threatened to evict us if I didn't smile at him when I saw him!

Sunnyvale Community Services

SCS’s mission is to prevent homelessness and hunger in our local community. Our agency assists residents in all zip codes in Sunnyvale and the neighboring Alviso community in San Jose, as well as homeless persons including Veterans throughout Santa Clara County. SCS assists low-income individuals with financial assistance for rent, security deposits, utility bills, car repairs, and gift cards for critical family needs.

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