We moved into a house in an area of Elk Grove were the landlord claims no children are present for her children (Filipino). So she acquires a home and begins to rehabbing the house,since it was a foreclosed home, then never lived in the home, we were its current occupants. Due to her now having her second residence foreclosed, we are ordered to vacate the property, with no bad rental payment history, but because she needs a place to call home and the law allows her.


Hello, my name is Donna, and I need some advice or info on my rights as a mobile home owner.
My situation is lengthy in detail so I will only disclose the immediate issues. If you have questions then I would be glad to answer.


Back in October 2008 the landlord called the police on a tenant which she does consistently about twice a month. The officer told her to stop calling and wasting their time. There were about 20 tenants or so outside and everyone finally started to stand up to the landlord. Stories went flying, all the tenants organized and realized that we were all going through the same abuse. It took about 1 1/2 years before everyone spoke because the landlord talked bad about tenants to other tenants and kept us all separated, probably in fear we would all figure out the truth behind her schemes.

Moody L.

Firstly, we are a victim of US Immigration mismanagement resulting in my wife's application to adjust status was jeopardized and she can't be resourceful.
The discrimination and retaliation by a welknown health care institution provider in the Inland Empire is a real trip.


Dear Governor S.,


My name is David Lee Frater. I am a disabled 55 year old man who has been disabled for the last 6 years. I used to be a principal systems analyst, the rank above a senior systems analyst, for all of my adult life after college before I became disabled. I worked, and worked very hard for nearly 30 years before becoming disabled.



I recently was forced out of my apt. after 14+ yrs. by a new owner of my previous apt.! He raised my rent $600.00 more knowing that I am forced to live on a fixed income (S.S. Disability)which hardly paid my rent previously. And even if I was able to pay that increase, he insisted I get rid of my three small dogs..one who had grown up in this apt. (she is 15)& was never a problem to anyone! I have no family so these were/are my "children." For all 14+ years I was told I was the best tenant the building ever had.

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