yes please help this prop. went from default all the way to auction by the new bank that remove his and file a change of trustee also so the new beneficiary bank contact me by phone telling me that after the auction date they will send a letter of eviction landlord still on paper so he still want to collect rent I stop rent he send me to court on 28 of this month 4 units they all gone I'm the only tenant left on the prop.


I am currently in a home that is being auctioned off on August 20, 2009. The owners of the home claim they still own it, but after talking to the bank they are using I was told that they do not own the home and that it is in fact going to auction and that they are not working with the home owner as the contracts have expired and it is now to late for them. I got the bank info off the county notice taped to our door. They just emailed me and said I needed to pay my rent or move out in 30 days.


ive been renting and just found out that for around the last eight months they havent been paying the rent.they are in default not yet foreclosure.the thing that upsets me is that they never said a word about letting it go. they called the next day after we found out from the mail person asking for the rent.we told them i dont think so and then they started studdering.


i got laid off my job in April, but paid aprils rent. Two weeks ago landlord said she needed 1200 from me in order to stay in apt. My rent is 7oo per month, therefore i am behind 3 months. I gave her 1000 (borrowed from a friend) and now today she says i need to pay her the full amount and get out. I am surprised,shocked and dont know what to do. I need help. She changed her mind in two weeks after i paid her almost 2 months in full. what can i do, will be homeless soon and penniless.


We moved into this house on 2/15/08. We had a choice to pay cashier's check or direct deposit, we chose direct deposit. Since he lives out of state I thought it best to pay via direct deposit. We explained to the landlord that I get paid every 2 weeks, in a years period he would get 13 months worth of rent. We agreed he would return the extra checks than to stop the direct deposit. This past year I got paid extra in August & January.


Prepared for impending sale and cash-for-keys benefits. Property went back to Lender. Locks changed, personal property removed. 90-day notice given. Illegal lockout situation.



We paid our rent and had a 1 year lease until Aug 20, 2010, with the option to buy. WITHOUT A COURT ORDER,Washington Mutual locked us out of our home, unlawfully evicting a single mother and son. Without any relocation services, without giving the deposit back within 21 days. Since then, everything in the home has been stolen. We are now homeless

I signed a one year lease option in July 2008 for 383 Calypso Beach Drive Copperopolis, California 95228,Calypso Bay Sub Division, and on August 20 2008 we moved in as scheduled.


We too are in the middle of the Horse Country Hill like Tim and Trish. Only we are the former Landlords tenants at his legal address for the loan. Everytime we saw a real estate agent or a process server, my wife and I were asked if we were the former owners. Turns out the property was bought by Sutton Funding. They are a company that rock stars, sports stars and actors toss money into for investing. We at the moment have papers for tenants saying that they have 10 days to file with the courts.

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