Rental conflict Landlord & Tenant
The information is true and accurate
Entered into lease on 2-18-2008 on home at 760 W loop drive.
Landlord comes to home 760 w Loop 1 to 2 times per week.
First 6 months they came 3 to 5 times each week. Virginia complains.
They do yard work. Disturbs Virginia.
Rent paid on time
Not a single notice of poor care on the maintenance of home in over two years. No letter or complaints.


I live in one of the towers at Parkmerced and have Never been treated so horribly and unfairly. After unsuccessfully being contacted after a rent check bounced, we were served a 3 day notice dated on March 10th,at least 5 days Before we even received it. We left the apartment on March 15th and had yet to receive any notices. Upon returning home from my wedding on the 19th we find the notice and immediately submit our check to the Parkmerced accounting team. Two weeks go by and the check is not cashed.


In November 09, I received a notice on my door stating that the mortgage was not being paid. I contacted my landlord he said everything was O.K. so I paid rent for November. I kept in touch with the loan service and tried to get my landlord to call them, which he did not. So, December came around I called the Loan service they told me that my landlord was collecting rent but not paying, they also stated he was lying to me about the whole situation, so I stopped paying rent. The house was suppose to foreclose in february then the realtor told me March 17, 10.


In April 2009, we were notified that the property we were renting, was going up for public auction. This was after April's rent was paid. We heard no more until 2 ladies knocked on our door the 3rd of June and announced that the bank was taking the property,
and we needed to be out by July 1st.

I was NEVER late on my rent, was a quiet neighbor and any minor repairs needed to be done, I did them myself. (well, my son did them)


Our landlord would come every month for rent. In october he didn't come. His wife then came around 28th of Oct. stating we need 2 pay or deal with bank i then told her i would pay her on Nov.3rd both months and she then refused saxing it was 2 late. we then found a notice on the door that ho me was on foreclosure and was being auctioned on Jan.9 Two wks after this date the landlords wife shows up demanding that we have to vacate by the 28th because the home didnt end up getting foreclosed. Now she is stating she going to serve me with a 3-day eviction.


I moved to Santa Monica in 1974 and have been renting my home ever since. In those 36 years I have lived in 16 different rentals: 10 apartments & 6 houses from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara to Daly City and finally Pacifica, CA.


I have lived here for 5 1/2 years, the house foreclosed, the bank took over, today a real estate agent came out and gave me an option paper and wants me out before Christmas!! I am disabled and have two disabled sons. We are afraid we will be on the street!!! Where can we get help?!!?


Iam writing of the eviction process.our son was a renter for 5 yrs in our home. We had a sub prime loan and the bank would not modify to a descent amount. our son is ill lost his job and has no medical coverage. He also has small children.We are out of state. my husband is retired and disabled.The house went to auction, then back to the bank as it did not sell. A broker was appointed, from a well known real estate firm in La jolla calif.


We are 2 physically disabled elderly adults that have been wrongfully retalatorily evicted from our former residence of nearly 19 years at 3131 34 Ave. SAC. CA. for lawful just exercise of our civil rights.Through unlawful rent increases,inept/incompetent unlicensed contractors causing housing inhabitability,age/race/disability/housing discrimination,wrongful retaliatory discrimination(civil1942.5a),wrongful eviction,rigged legal case against us,we have been made wrongfully homeless in temporary housing.Can anyone help us obtain much needed urgent housing? Please help! Thank You. Scott.

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