We are 2 physically disabled elderly adults that have been wrongfully retalatorily evicted from our former residence of nearly 19 years at 3131 34 Ave. SAC. CA. for lawful just exercise of our civil rights.Through unlawful rent increases,inept/incompetent unlicensed contractors causing housing inhabitability,age/race/disability/housing discrimination,wrongful retaliatory discrimination(civil1942.5a),wrongful eviction,rigged legal case against us,we have been made wrongfully homeless in temporary housing.Can anyone help us obtain much needed urgent housing? Please help! Thank You. Scott.


In nov 2008 we find out our landlord was in default. We told him we knew and would not pay rent so we could have money for a new place. In Feb 2009 we found a new place told owners what happened they assured us that would not happen. in Jun 09 husband went on disability, we got beind in rent in Oct. Landlord served us a 3 day on 10/30(it was filled out wrong) on 10/31, four certified letters came for the owners. On 11/2 we gave them the certified letters, informed them the 3 day was invalid, and that we would not pay the rent so we could save mone for yet another place.


well i rented a home in sun city ca. almost three years into it. the owner of prop decided that he was going to save his shopping center prop instead of homes. they took six months of rent and didnt pay morgage with it. i asked for my sec deposit back they said they used it to cover any back rent i owed. i guess its ok . to do that.


the ill reputed ex-manager who was petitioned off this property by the tenants gave me a 90 day notice which ever since has caused problems with my section 8!!! and since then I've been paying More than my low income in Rent, while my section 8 has been tied up at the housing authority!! a terrible ex-manager!!!


Landlord had an NOD filed in august -to my knowledge never cured it - never provided proof of it and harassed my daughter and sons- I owe him for October he filed for september which was paid in cash since he was working with me on late rent- How do I get my day in court? The eviction notice was posted on my door.


I will try & keep this as short as possible. This has now happened too me TWICE!. I rented a nice home in a great neighborhood for 3 years and found out she was in Default/Foreclosure. After calling her out on the carpet, she did fess up and did tell me. Didnt help me, i am a single parent. So i desepertly searched my area for an affordable, but decent home. Finally i found one and had it checked before moving in because i did not want the same thing to happen to us again. It was clear when i signed in July.


me my husband and my 1 year old daughter just moved into our first apartment 2 months ago. every since the day we got ur keys we have had nothing but problems. we are a working family just tring to survive and i would call us pretty clean people. however our home is infested with flyies and there are maggets on the outside of my wall in the hall way. my landlord wont even return our calls and im afraid this will soon affect the health of my family. i have even found roaches in my kitchen droors. i dont know what to do. who can i call?


Currently I am filing an Appeal Brief in the SF Appellate Division re: 37.9(b) owner occupied section of the Ord. I was evicted in June 2009 by a 30 Day "no cause" eviction notice. I challenged it cross MSJ were filed -- because I am told I am a just cause tenant 37.9(a) but Court ruled contrary to the Ord and state law.


I have just been advised by fannie Mae that I have until Friday 9/11 that I have to make a choice of either a cash for keys deal or a 90 day eviction notice. I was denied a month to month rental because my ex landlord had a reverse mortgage! how does that effect me?? I thought that the law that our new president had protects tennants but it looks like there is no actual entity that helps abide this law and we all are on our own



I have lived with my family in a 2-apt duplex for seven years and have never once been late on my rent. Every repair that needed done, I had to get County Code Enforcement involved. I came home one day a few weeks ago to have my daughter advise me a Man from a company came out to verify residency. My teenaged daughter did not initially answer the door because she did not know who the Man was. The Man then proceeded to acknowledge her open bedroom window and removed her screen to look through her mini-blinds to see if anyone was living here.

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