I received a 30 notice of Termination of Tenancy four days after I paid rent for Oct.2010. I was shocked. i called my landlord but she refused to talk to me. We were once friends and a small dispute last July 2010, which I thought was resolved. She parks her RV on a nearby lot and spends time here, rarely gives us 24 hr notice and the houses here are on the market. She spent 4 out of the last 10 mo we were here to nearly reconstruct three houses on this lot, all of them rented.


RG09481107 Alameda County Superior Court Judge August 25, 2010, takes matter off calendar; Property Asset Management, Inc vs Brown. Attorney David Endres got the property from Pite and Duncan Trust Account where the Original Trustor from 2001 Lisa Swain-Morris employed at Charles Swabb had purchased the building in HUD Loan; it was found later that lead based paint current today was on the building and in the yard too. There was a lease signed with Brian Coleman and children and Ami Brown.


My family and I exercised our right to terminate our lease and vacate the rental property after the Landlord ignored repeated requests for repairs over a 5 month period. Mice in the kitchen (dead or alive), a roof leak in the bedroom, and severe rain water intrusion coming through the front walls of the entrance room. We posted our notice on the door on May 31, 2010, mailed it certified, return receipt and moved out that day. Our City Building and Safety Dept.


In the end of May 2010 i found the condo i live in on a foreclosure list...wow was i surprised. I deal with an manager not the owner so i asked him....he told me it was true & how did i feel about it? duh what a dumb question. I pay my rent every month and the owner pockets the money...it don't seem fair. So i do my research go to the county recorder's office, to my surprise my owner has not paid her morgage since Nov 2009...i moved in Oct 2009. So then i call the manager back and he then gives the owner my # she calls and says do not pay June's rent.


we have had our companion animals for several years my passion is a maltipoo. my daughters companion is frankie, also her best friend, mgmt claims we never told them about our dogs. my pet deposit was waived upon move in due to passion being my companion. We got frankie for amanda. she was taking a year off of lithium and neurontin, and find alternative coping skills. In november when mgmt became aware of our disabilities stating we do not look disabled, and refused us a transfer to another property because we have 2 dogs asmall one and a huge white dog, they only allow pocket dogs.

Oakland Tenants Union

Oakland Tenants Union (OTU) is a community-based volunteer organization of housing activists dedicated to protecting tenant rights and interests in Oakland. OTU does this by working directly with tenants in their struggles with landlords; impacting legislation and public policy about housing; community education; and by working with other organizations committed to furthering renters’ rights.  

OTU runs a tenant rights hotline at (510) 704-5276


Leasing Agent accepted my rent check (4/17/10)late not realizing that the manager had sent it over to the attorney for a eviction to began. Summons Complaint taped to my door on 4/18/10. Managment kept calling me on 4/19/10 ask me (tenant) to pay attorney fees of 605.00. Management states over the phone that if I didn't pay fees that my rent check will not be accpeted and the attorney instruckted them to just mail it back and continue with the eviction. Since the notice wasn't properly served I went ahead and responded to the Complaint with in five days.


A notice of foreclosure was placed on the front fence of the apartment complex in March. The landlord had already stopped responding to phone calls and requests for repairs etc. Three apartments were occupied at that time, the fourth was uninhabitable. We had no idea up to that point that anything was wrong. As a group, we immediately stopped paying rent. We were afraid that since the property was in foreclosure that we would need the money to obtain new housing. I note here that all tenants are low-income. Naturally, the landlord began calling right away.


I learned on my own that my rental house is in foreclosure, asked landlord and the refused to answer. I'm holding the rent for April 2010 till they officially disclose it. Real Estate agent says sale date in June 7. I don't know where to pay the rent and who are real owner of the house. Landlord give me quit notice and submitted small claim notice that I didn't pay rent since January 1st, which is not true, they requested cash and I have been paying the rent till March. Landlord never give me quit notice before April because I paid the rent and now saying I didn't.

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