Public Counsel

Public Counsel provides a wide variety of legal services to low-income individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses.

Public Counsel's Homelessness Prevention Law Project: eviction defense team provides assistance through direct representation at the Stanley Mosk and Pasadena Courthouses; prepare self-represented tenants through their clinics to assist them in defending their right to stay in their home and prevent them from becoming homeless.

Public Counsel's Consumer Law Project: protects consumers from unlawful debt collection and consumer fraud. 

Humboldt County Self-Help Center

The Court’s self-help centers provide assistance in the areas of both family law and non-family (civil) law. These services are available to all self-represented parties, regardless of income.

The self-help center staff can provide you with information on your legal rights and obligations; they cannot provide you with legal advice. Services are available through workshops* and appointments. In order to provide better assistance and service, the Court’s self-help center no longer accepts walk-ins.


Hello...I have been renting from the same people for several years. I have had to deal with loud nieghbors for most of the time. I live in a unit that is directly below my manager. He ignores my complaints about the other tenants. I recently received an email from my landlord threatening eviction if I continue to complain. They are basically saying that I need to put up with the noise or I will be kicked out. That is not fair! The neighbors are loud all hours of the night & day. I never get any peace here. I am a college student taking online courses.


May 2010--We are in a situation where we rented for almost 8 years from a landlord we had a great relationship with. Unbeknownst to us, the owner of our property was hoping to get his mortgage re-financed with BofA due to the market crash. Of course, as banks did back then... they told the owner they wouldn't work to refinance him unless he was delinquent on his payments. Feeling he had no other option, the owner withheld his mortgage payments (though we continued paying our rent). As history proved, instead of "working with" the owner, BofA immediately foreclosed.


been living with someone over a year he has decided to move out didnt give me any notice just tells me hes moving i have less then 30 days to move im not on the rental agreement and he is being a jerk about the situation im currently unemployed with no vehicle so i am having a hard time because it is hard to move that fast he said he can get me out fast because he will just file a restraining order and have me thrown out what can i do ?

Mosbrucker & Foran

The law firm of Mosbrucker & Foran specializes in lawsuits involving wrongful evictions, Costa-Hawkins disputes and other excessive rent increases, illegal rental units, landlord harassment, and substandard living conditions. 

Most of the work we do for tenants is on a contingency fee basis. This means we don’t get paid until and unless you get paid, in which case we get a percentage of the total recovery. This only applies where the tenant is initiating a lawsuit in Superior Court.

Causa Justa :: Just Cause

We are a housing & immigrant rights organization in SF and Oakland. We have a Tenant Rights Clinic in both cities and help low-income Spanish speaking tenants in the SF office. In the Oakland office we serve low-income tenants who reside in Oakland. The Tenant Rights Clinics helps tenants with issues they have with their landlord, such as evictions, repairs, harassment, illegal rent increases.

Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLSLA)

Neighborhood Legal Services believes access to safe, affordable housing is essential to the health of individuals, families, and communities.
The organization works to preserve affordable housing and rent control, prevent unlawful evictions and foreclosures, and fight discrimination in Section 8 and other government-subsidized housing. Attorneys provide a range of services, from advice and counsel to individual representation and high-impact litigation.
Services are available to qualifying residents of all LA County.

Legal Services of Northern California - Sacramento

Since 1956, Legal Services of Northern California has provided quality legal services that empower the poor to identify and defeat the causes and effects of poverty. LSNC’s service priorities include the preservation of housing; health care; enhancing economic stability; support for families, family safety, and stability; civil rights; education; and serving populations with special vulnerabilities.

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