Promised a "Smoke-free" property with a "zero tolerance" policy but management company refused to take assertive steps to get rid of smokers off and on for six years. I am disabled, severely allergic to secondhand smoke, but had it pouring into my unit through the heat vents. Now the unit is toxically contaminated, and must be cleaned for me to use the heat/air vents again. The management company ignores all my verbal appeals and my written letters. I need an housing attorney that can represent a low-income client. Thank you so much.


Terminating my tenancy for no reason after 10 years of paying my rent on time at a senior apartment. Not returning my phone calls and direct manager says it is out of her hands. Causing stress and chest pains and a complete hardship to move. They say I have no rights but this is a federally subsidized facility.


Hi! My name is Tamora and I have been living at my present residence going on for three years now. My story is much to long to list here because it involves too many issues that require a lot of explanation. However, I can give you a little background of my present situation. What I am mainly dealing with is people that have varying degrees of both mental and physical incapacities as well as drug abuse, etc... Also I am having to deal with a landlady who is all of the above, plus, she has anger issues that are quite severe!


in October 03,2013 me and my family was evicted... I have 3 kids an a common law partner.In all 5 of us were staying at the place at the time of the eviction was done..I had it set up to pay my rent in the middle of the month, due to the way my pay check came the land lard was fine with taking the rent around the same time of the month with no problem.


Hi! My name is Tamora and I will give you a brief history or background about my tenancy issues. As long as I been residing here I California I for one reason after another had to relocate six or seven times because of either of unscrupulous landlords/ladies and bad tenants! My current situation is even more dire!!!!! To be brief I had to take matters into my own hands and call law enforcement three separate times because of harassment and retaliation!!!!

Elizabeth Diane

This is a senior's complex. We have fixed incomes. They used to increase the rent by $10 increments, now is $25.
I am 73 years old, I have been living here for 14 years and I always place my Christmas decorations during that time of the year.
Now, we have a new person under the tittle "property supervisor: and she took over the office of our Resource Coordinator and gave us 30-notice to remove all the "welcome" mats and any decoration.
Those decorations brighten our days, also represents our faith because we are Christians.


My landlord is Colony American Homes (Wall Street) I moved into my house Aug 1st 2014. I am disabled. CAH has not only violated the ADA Laws the landlord laws and tenants rights as well. I don't even no where to start so I will tell one example. As of 9/12/2014 the pool (that is costing me $500 a month compared to the comps in this area) has been empty due to a huge crack. I do my physical therapy in the pool because I have MS and my body temperature needs to be cool.

Elizabeth Diane

I have been living at this apartment for a little over 14 years.
We have different managers and different expectations.
We are seniors with fix income, however, the rent used to be increased by $10.00 increments, however, now, the increments are $25 (more than double)
The manager makes a lot of noise for the widow living below her (like taking showers after midnight)but she made the widow below her unit, to remove an American Flag she had on her patio.


I volunteer to help homeless disabled find housing. In SLO County, all the subsidized housing projects have waiting lists years long, and the overwhelming majority of private landlords and property managemewnt companies refuse to accept Sec. 8, even thos who used to accept it a few years ago. Some states have a law requiring all landlords to accept Sec, 8, but CA does not. CA has a law requiring non-discrimination on the bais of income, but the state dept. ruled that "income" only includes income paid directly to the tenant, not Sec. 8, which is in-kind income paid to the landlord.


I am tring to move to a smaller home I gave my 30 day notice my move out date is 11-03-2014 there are many details im leaving out I am having trouble getting a move package the 1st inspection report states that I am responsible for some things that the owner/RA is legally responsible for and I can not have my move packet until the house passes inspection on top of that I received a reinspection date of 11-17-2014 which is past my move out date

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