landlord of San jose Ca University Apt located on 502 S. 4th street Phil Marquez charged my roommate and i for window cleaning and bathroom cleaning. When clearly when we moved in they were that bad. And the bathtub due to wear and tear gets worse over a 6 year duration. I contacted Phil politely to speak with him about clarifying the charges on our deposit. It states window/bath/kitchen =120 i asked him can you clarify each charge and he rudely said no i can't do that then went on yelling and verbally abusing me. Saying things like did you go to school why are you so stupid.


My name is Jose. My girlfriend and I moved into our apartment about 10 months ago. Aside from the old sink faucets, the place seemed to be in very good shape. Newly installed laminate flooring as well as fresh paint throughout. A few weeks after moving in, my girlfriend noticed bugs crawling in from the shower drain. They were termites. They were coming in through the window and the shower drain. I reported it to the manager and he promised to come and fix it the next day. He came and applied some caulking around the drain and window frame.


In May of this year, we were illegally evicted from a room we were renting from a man who lived in the house with us along with another renter, who used falsified notice documents that we were never served and convinced the sherriff that we were 'lodgers', not 'tenants' with the right to a day in court, after intimidating the other renter to leave and claiming he had never lived there.


please help us our ll is going crazy My Gf and i dont know what to do we are being put through H&&* by our ll who has done Everything from Bring multiple gangsters to try to force us out to lies to the police and they have tried to scare and intimidate us out to just flat out ripping apart our house. If we had ANYWHERE else to go believe me we would have left but now after the last escapade we are FLAT BROKE with no floors electricity food or any other basic needs that a ll is supposed to provide.


Today I had my court case for an eviction notice. I'm on Section 8, a disabled single mom receiving Social Security with a 16 year old daughter. I received a 60 day notice from my landlord for no reason. (During my annual inspection, Section 8 said if I'm in a month to month, he doesn't need a reason. I had voiced my concern to her as I was afraid I was going to be kicked out, and I was right). Section 8 corrected him and told him he needs to give me 90 days notice, so he did. I was not behind on rent at all, and have been in this 2 bedroom apartment for 7.5 years.

Oakland City Attorney’s Office – Neighborhood Law Corps

The Neighborhood Law Corps (NLC) is an award-winning unit in the City Attorney's Office that works with partners in the community to improve quality of life in Oakland. Through lawsuits and other civil actions, the NLC fights for social, environmental and economic justice with a focus on abusive landlords, substandard housing, human trafficking, violence and public nuisances including illegal dumping.

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Fremont Fair Housing and Landlord / Tenant Services

A nonprofit agency providing landlords and tenants with confidential counseling for all rental housing questions: 
  • security deposits
  • repairs
  • termination of tenancy
  • evictions
  • privacy
  • right to entry
  • retaliation
  • rent increases

The program also provides confidential counseling and investigation of housing discrimination complaints, referrals for legal assistance, and community education on fair housing laws.

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Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Our Housing Program provides free legal advice and representation on housing-related matters to low-income individuals in Santa Clara County.

We can assist with:

• Defending eviction lawsuits

• Housing discrimination issues like reasonable accommodation requests for individuals with disabilities

• Enforcing the San Jose Tenant Protection Ordinance

• Legal Outreach and Support for renter organizing/campaigns

• Help with Housing Authority hearings

Help build power for renters' rights: