San Francisco public housing is not including Earned Income Disregard when they calculate the rents of residents who have a job, or training program. According to the law passed by Congress in 1999, every public housing resident over 18 yrs old is eligible for Earned Income Disregard, if they qualify. Therfore PHA residents in all cities and states, including San Francisco can have their income disregarded for up to one year at 100% of the income. This means your rent stays at the lower amount for 1 year, so PHA residents can save and become self sufficient.


In Oct of 2012 I called code enforcement on the landlord, a woman who knows nothing about real estate has since retaliated by trying to evict myself and my roommate. My roommate and I had to pay for an attorney and then went to fair housing and they have opened an investigation for all kinds of miss deeds and quoting laws that do not exist.


Been tenant for 4 years. Then the neighbor from "hell" Bangs on our floor her ceiling for everything throughout our unit.

Biggest concern is DISABLED mental/physically impaired wife + animals.

Tried mediation but failed for she violated and won't confront.

Now filing with police and Federal/Stae/Local authorities to protect wife whose condition is bad that facing premature pacemaker replacement.On a good week, she is fully functional 2 days.

Pets hide in fear!! from noises. Vets concerned.

Police really powerless.


I am facing an eviction which i feel has been illegally forced up on me by perpertrators that were denying me employment,healthcare, and humane living conditions suitable for children and raising a family. What happened was i was living as caregiver for my grandparents before they passed away. the house went into foreclosure after they passed away and since i didnt have job or wasnt attending college. I didnt have work experience which looked good for my resume to employers.


Landlords have been found in violation of illegally renting apartments that are considered occupant non-permitted and uninhabitable conditions; rather than landlords working with tenant, we have been illegally evicted with unlawful detainer and have been retaliated against. Landlords have an attorney who is not willing to communicate with us and making it extremely difficult for us. I suffer from HIV, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations and high blood pressure; it is unfortunate that they do not care about our health during the process of litigation in small claims court.


Right now I live in a nice place but have recently had a baby and now need to move. I am a section 8 recipient and am writing to voice my concerns about how most section 8 tenants are forced into low income neighborhoods because the owners of properties in nice neighborhoods don't want to rent to section 8 tenants. I live in Los Angeles and I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard a property owner say " we don't participate in the section 8 program or no section 8 or we don't accept section 8". I feel this is a legal way of discriminating against low income people.


Landlord bosses tenants around using intimidation. Harrassed my wife and threatened to evict her if she contacted me the husband about his complaints hed called on the phone about. The complaints may have had an ounce of legitimacy but the fact he threatens her for contacting me..Im on the road out of state most of the time..so he uses the window to harass wife.


I have rented from the same company since 2001. I first lived on Utah St. & then they sold the building to someone that wanted to make condos out of the units. So, the housing commission gave me money to relocate. I ended up renting from the same company because I couldn't find anyone willing to allow my indoor cats. I moved into a lower unit when I had specifically asked for a upstairs unit. They know that I am on disability for anxiety. I also have a sleep disorder. Every place I have lived under this management, there has been noise disturbances from nearby tenants.


We/I and my co-tenants are in Sac County. There is no law/motion tentative ruling calendar for limited jurisdiction, really... there are no tenant rights advocates here. A motion to quash was filed and Judge ruled outside law, (after we disqualified for no cause the Judge who coerces tenants into mediation at bench trials).. we are filing a Petition with Appellate Dept and expect to go higher.. the bias is so deep and pervasive in this county .. it is really scary.


My story is too long to post here though I plan to give a fully break down of it. I been black listed and keep hearing this name called Tenants Alliance or the National Tenant Network as I'm denied for every home I apply for have no evictions or convictions but have fault a few hierarchies and made enemies. I have been alone in these battles lost 2 children in the process and they still come after me.

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