the rental I was in with rental agreement with old landlord dated 1/12/12, 6/28/13 property sold, 9/13 I tell old landlord I will not pay him to contact new owner so I can pay her.


I was forced to move to live with my mother in Louisiana due to wrongful eviction. I was given 3 hours notice to vacate with no reason given from landlord. He didn't want a person like me on property. A friend said it was because I used his washing machine using tide, I was then told I would not receive my 3 months of rent he required to move into apartment. He told her he immediately raised the rent and would need to have me buy a new washing machine.
I am on disability and was devastated with nowhere to go.


we had problems with a company in corona calif. illegal evictions and scare tactics , harrasment etc. i have a attorney working for us pro-bono and they have found many laws they have broke over the past.


After the new landlord bought our building over a year ago they had someone from corporate look us in the eye and promise not to raise rent. This year they raised all tenants rent 9-10% with no negotiation or consideration for good tenants who were here many years before they took over. After I learned of this I let them know I was going to form a tenant association within the building to give the tenants a stronger voice against the new landlord.


My rent was raised $350 to an amount that is over 52% of my monthly income - higher than I am able to pay and still meet my other necessary expenses.

I am a senior and a disabled Veteran. I rely on SSDI as my sole income, and depend on HUD Section 8 for housing.

I believe I am a victim of discrimination because of my source of income and socioeconomic status. It is no secret that property owners want to "get rid of" Section 8 tenants for any number of reasons, many of which are based on prejudice and class discrimination.


Landlord constant harrassment and entry into the property to inspect our personal belongings, and when I wrote a formal letter to the landlord asking to stop the harassment the landlord retaliated by serving a termination of lease. Landlord entered the condo without any authorization to show to prospective tenants without any respect to our privacy. Landlord attempted to assault me when I came to turn in the keys to the property in front of the people that were cleaning the rental unit. Landlord tried to keep my security deposit of $2,000.00, but I applied my deposit as my last month rent.


I am going to court on Dec.20 which means if i loose i will be put out in the street on Christmas day.I am disabled and have no family in CA to help me.Leagal aid wrote up my response for the unlawful detainer and had my court fees waived, but then they said we can't go to court with you they didn't even know the date yet but said they had no one available to go with me. I went to my first tenants together meeting last mth and they helped me alot and i'm going on the 19th but i don't think they will have anyone to go to court with me i called them and then missed their callback.


My building is filled with mold and dust in all the vents. Pipes leak constantly, and recently the landlord turned down the water pressure in all units because his water bills were getting too expensive. Turns out the leaks were making his bills high, not tenant overuse of water. Something breaks in my apartment every week.


Santa Monica City Attorney's advise, City Council and the Rent Control Board vote "illegally" to convert 38 rent controlled Apartments in a residential zone into a full-scale hotel with valet parking and restaurant.

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