Mutiple evictions from new managment. Nickle and dimeing tenants with threat of eviction. Safety issues. Many spanish speaking only are discriminated.


Since I've been here 5 years ago, this was my very first ap. And upon signing and taken him at his word. I found roaches, spiders, and stains of what I believe to be mold. My stove went out last year, it took four months to get another one. and when the a/c went out knowing how long it took for a stove, im on heat meds, so home depot was my best bet. I gave him back his free on craigslist a/c


I went in to sign a rental agreement month to month with my husband, the manager had told us 3 weeks before we would get the apartment we gave 1060 first month rent and 1060 for the deposit. The agreement was made to move in may 1,2014, I had sold my car ,gotten my furniture,the assistant calls me 5 days ago saying she cant give it to me because it didnt pass inspection and she didnt know how much it would take even told me to go shopping,and to go for my money.My mom happens to live in front of the apartment and there are people already moved in.


The tenants here at Vinage Palms Apartment have been enduring horrendous coditions for years. He has been cited by code enforcement numerous times but egnores the sanctions and the order for abatement. The has gotten recent media attention on kmir6 and the Desert Sun.. aWe got the City involved and opened cases with Fair Housing. We have requested the help of City Hall in Indio. They are still violating a State law by contiuing to collect rents and issue Three day notices and this is a violation of California Civil Code 1942.4.


I have Multiple Sclerosis, and my Landlord hires workers to work in this building and does not post notice to their tenants. I have woken up to men working on the landing, while resting, without notice too many times. The Police do nothing, and are useless. My landlord uses workers to harass women living in the building with male workers and circular saws without notice. I have asked several times for work their work schedules, and have not received a response. Are you a person who has had workers working without notice?


My landlord/representative came to collect rent check. He wasps agitated and forced entry and committed Battery. ( was sited by Sheriff's Dept) I had sustained multiple bruises and contusions. I was hit in head by door and I have blunt head truisms and a concussion . He served a 3 day notice ,( never late on rent in a year) and now I was served an unlawful retainer and I am being evicted. I cannot afford an Attorney. I want to sue them. This is retaliation, and I feel I am


My husband, daughter and myself had a fixed lease dated 1/12/12 to rent a section of the home that was illegaly made into a duplex and ended up with a gas leak that wasnt even fixrd. On 6/28/13 the property sold just shy of being auctioned we never met new owner still to this day. Sept. 2013 i told old landlord i wont pay him to comtact new owner....never did, in Dec 2013 old landlord shows up with a man claiming to be brother of new owner no papers to prove it. They asked or told just us not other tenants to move out by Jan 2, 2014 on Dec 30, 13.

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