Credit blacklisting


This man and his wife have to be the worst landlords I have ever met. They promise to do work and never show up. The house is in disrepair. The two guys who live next to the house sell drugs and are on them. This was supposed to be an upperscale neighborhood. Well no more. These people would bang pots and pans in the middle of the night and tap on my bedroom wall. They actually came in the house while I was at work. This was so frightening. My dog was beat up by this jerk who came and went as he pleased. I believe he is also a drug dealer but hey no one in California cares.


im a single parent my daughter and I live in a single family home going on 19 years the landlord is a slum lord she was violated in nov. of 2011 for out dated wires and ele.


In March of 2009 I rented an apartment at VintageWood in Fresno, California. I paid my monthly rent. I then graduated from the local University and began applying for work. I found two places of employment…on for three weeks and the other a distance from my apartment. I began to work at the second job and was gone from the apartment for 5 days at a time. My roommate was a young adult who was of age. He had friends who came to visit when I was out of town. I visited on my days off.


Long story short. We are tenants who were evicted with a written unexpired lease in a property that was foreclosed on. We clearly have protections under PTFA 2009 and AB2610 but the orange county judges, sheriffs department, baNK Of america and safeguard and their attorneys have no respect or even care about the law.


I am facing an eviction which i feel has been illegally forced up on me by perpertrators that were denying me employment,healthcare, and humane living conditions suitable for children and raising a family. What happened was i was living as caregiver for my grandparents before they passed away. the house went into foreclosure after they passed away and since i didnt have job or wasnt attending college. I didnt have work experience which looked good for my resume to employers.


Paid rent on time for six years. The rent was much higher than what the place was worth. Landlord kept deposit after I moved out. The reason I moved was because the landlord wanted to move back in. When I moved in the place was mess but it seemed like the new landlord was a decent person so I didn't mind cleaning it up, etc. there were some things that I could not do in terms of repairs or remodeling because it Wes too much money. The landlord continually encouraged And even ask about me doing remodeling of the place.


My bf and I live in a large complex. There is a Sac Co. Housing Ord., that requires owners to register, take inspection course before marketing the unit; and unit was eventually cited for no heat, no cold water, inoperative lighting, electricity, roaches, mold, water intrusion in bath... the county housing authority just cited the owner and did nothing more.. we complained right when we moved in, after prepaying two months rent and deposit; LL would not refund, would not credit acct., did not offer another unit... was sued for ud and fighting abuse by attorney and judges...


My story is too long to post here though I plan to give a fully break down of it. I been black listed and keep hearing this name called Tenants Alliance or the National Tenant Network as I'm denied for every home I apply for have no evictions or convictions but have fault a few hierarchies and made enemies. I have been alone in these battles lost 2 children in the process and they still come after me.


In May of this year, we were illegally evicted from a room we were renting from a man who lived in the house with us along with another renter, who used falsified notice documents that we were never served and convinced the sherriff that we were 'lodgers', not 'tenants' with the right to a day in court, after intimidating the other renter to leave and claiming he had never lived there.

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