Credit blacklisting

On Tenant Blacklist, Errors and Renters with Little Recourse

After two years of being homeless, napping in stores open all night and more recently staying in a convent in Harlem, Margot Miller found out in March that her luck was about to change: She had qualified for an apartment for low-income older adults.

“This is to inform you that a rental unit has become available,” the letter from the building’s owner, Prince Hall Plaza, began.

Elated, Ms. Miller, 68, said she immediately went to the building’s office to claim the apartment. But after a background check, she said, the building reversed course.


ive been blacklisted as ive moved three times and each lanlord calls the other as i obey the law and report my former address and landlord on each rental apllication and i find myself being abused and harassed by all them this is my third time and this new ladlord overcharged me rent despie him knowing what section eight said and s8 did nothing about it and he overcharged by 120.00 and now im filing a complaint with rso about it because its rso property but ive had to lock all food cabintes and replace all my radios from damage and lock my bedroom door to keep my food and property intact.


I moved into the complex four years ago, after receiving a Housing Choice Voucher. The apartment was not painted nor was the carpet cleaned. However, the complex was friendly. Last year, the on-site manager, who had managed the complex for 15 years, was suddenly replaced by a property management company. We immediately began getting notices on our doors warning us of fines for littering, loitering and other rule infractions. I also received a notice saying I owed $15 for rent. I asked for and received a print out of the ledger and racked my brain trying to figure out how I owed $15.


Hello my name is Gabriela
I use to stay at michigan ave
Los angeles my nightmare began about
more than a year ago when my water&power were disconnected due to non payment
Disconnected 08-00-00 anyways i tried calling my landlord about the fact that even tho it was a breach of.contract on his behalf confirming that the lease stated Owner or landlord is responsible for water, sewer, trash and landscaping

Jenell C.

I am a disabled widow on a fixed income whose been a victim of unethical predatory lending practices wronful foreclosure, which lead to my being forced to file Bankruptcy procedures and is currently facing Eviction "3 -Day Notice to Vacate" with no resouces or ability to attain instant housing with there being derrogatory and negative credit blacklisting on my credit file which prevented me from being able to obtain affordalbe housing anywhere !
I need legal assistance !


2 years back, I use to live in am apartment called Waterford Apartment. When we gave them noticed of moving out due to contract ends and the choice we had was month to month. My last payment was a cashiers check with the amount of $ 1399. This month I was looking for a place to live and the credit shows we owed the apartment that's causing us to not qualified. So I called the collection and discuss to them the matter and I ask for the ledger from the time I lived there.

Michelle , Jerry

June 06 2014 I started becoming weak,trouble breathing at times {1st episode 7.5 weeks long & high steroids were required}I had in Feb & March had biopsies from my mouth confirm,Severe ulcerative lichen planus}.Over all of the past year our Sierra Apts Corp. and we ask to have recently Feb 2015 the owner of the Corp. notified to help us out of our lease,without penalties and to be month to month until husband is working & off of FMLA as all sick leave,& vacation had been exausted.


Terminating my tenancy for no reason after 10 years of paying my rent on time at a senior apartment. Not returning my phone calls and direct manager says it is out of her hands. Causing stress and chest pains and a complete hardship to move. They say I have no rights but this is a federally subsidized facility.

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