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Hello. First I want say I am just getting over unlawful foreclosure actions by a corrupt HOA President and then an equally corrupt bank. It's been a decade, still stings badly, and I thought I'd learned what to avoid. Now, as an inured renter, I'm right back in the middle of such a disturbingly corrupt situation I can barely speak of it. A tub overflows, water is cleaned up, all in 30 minutes time. The neighbor below me has a dripping event in the bathroom below. Also clean in the same 30 minutes. Industry blowers used to be safe. But moisture readings pin and other, not showing moisture.


Our landlord became upset after learning my girlfriend rightfully moved in the home.  She began making life difficult by shutting off power, water, cable, cancelling home security services, house cleaner and gardener. When we called the utilities companies we were told that the landlord claims there are unauthorized tenants in her home and did not authorize utility services at the residence of which we rightfully and lawfully lease, with a signed legal and active lease agreement in place.

Voluntary Legal Services Program of Northern California (VLSP)

The Volunteer Legal Services Program of Northern California assists low-income clients by referring them to volunteer attorneys for direct representation, and by assisting self-represented parties at our legal clinics. VLSP examines cases within five areas:

1) Debt Collection Defense and Bankruptcy Law -- serves clients who need assistance with legal problems associated with the collection of debts they owe; provides advice and assistance with cleaning up credit reports, disputing debts, and evaluating clients for the appropriateness of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


I am disabled .I renting  a  room in the rooming house  .it's a  Living room converted into the bedroom  and living with   landlord and  many other tendency since May , 2009   the landlord was building extra rooms in her garage, & and kitchen,plus splits up the master bedroom into two  intended for many people to rent..without permits and breaking numerous city codes. we were have 10 people only  one bathroom to take shower . the house don't have  Air conditioner and heater  she even not allowed us  to use .I bought small portable heater.

Renters and Authorities Say Apartment Listing Firms Charge $200 and Offer Little Help

Bay Area resident Joseph Dougherty landed a new job in Los Angeles and needed an apartment fast. A small company out of West Covina called Prime Source Solutions said it had him covered.

For $200, Dougherty said the rental agency promised him a sweet deal: It would act like a broker, giving him lists of apartments for rent and then setting up appointments to view them.

If he didn’t find a home through Prime, Dougherty said the company vowed to refund most of the money. If he did, that amount would go toward his security deposit.

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