Change of ownership/new landlord


Both my husband and I were hired to manage as onsite managers when the owner sold the park 8 months later the new owner hired a management company to handle the account. 10 months later when the owner visited the park she asked how were things going with the management company we gave her our input we told her how the management company provided no training to us neither the necessary tools needed. She passed this on to the trustees and the management they became upset and began to harass and retaliate against both my husband and I pushing til we felt forced to leave.


Tonight (or this morning) we are in the process of packing up our house of the last 10 nearly 11 months.  A house that we have loved and nurtured and brought from being the ugly duckling to beauty.  A house we thought would be our home for a long time.   But our landlord had other ideas and midstream decided to evict us, suggesting not a 30 day eviction but a 10 day eviction...and that is how this started - it started earlier than in July, it started even before we moved in but we didn't see the manipulative and calculated behavior she has.  The reason she evicted us is because she claims s

Judge: Kushner Companies Must Reveal Identities of Real Estate Partners

A federal judge in Maryland ruled Friday that Jared Kushner’s family real estate company could not keep secret the identities of its partners in Baltimore-area apartment complexes that are the subject of a class-action lawsuit by tenants.

The class-action lawsuit was filed in September, following a May article co-published by ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine that described how Kushner Companies have used highly aggressive tactics in pursuing payments from tenants and former tenants of 15 large apartment complexes it owns and manages in the Baltimore area.


Landlord died 2015.proprety management took over. No repairs have been made to unit since.
Stopped paying rent over 7 months ago.
What can i do?

Richmond Rent Program

The Richmond Rent Program is a city program that enforces the Richmond Fair Rent, Just Cause for Evictions and Homeowner's Protection Ordinance. The program provides information and assistance to tenants and landlords who are covered by the Ordinance, which went into effect December 30, 2016. Tenants can call with questions about rent increases, repair and habitability issues, evictions, and other tenant-landlord issues. The City of Richmond also puts on regular Know-Your-Rights trainings. Upcoming trainings: 


I was the on-site manager. I was fired for fixing the apartments to gov code . I was doing my job. Owners were not in compliance with housing standards . Now they have sent people to break my windows they have been harassing me for months now. I have also been served with a three day notice. 

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