Affordable housing

SF Pushing Changes to Affordable Housing Requirements, Short-Term Rental Rules

Ushering in a new era of housing policy, San Francisco has proposed a tougher rule on short-term rentals like Airbnb and will vote today on legislation to increase affordable housing requirements.

Legislation from supervisors Aaron Peskin and Jane Kim would impose new affordable housing requirements on development, should voters in June approve Proposition C, a charter amendment that would allow the Board of Supervisors to adjust the requirements rather than voters, who currently have that power.

Report: SF Needs to Adapt Services for an Aging Homeless Population

San Francisco’s existing system of care for homeless residents was never designed to address an older population, leaving it ill-equipped to meet the needs of today’s growing number of seniors living on the streets, says a new city report.

More than half of San Francisco’s homeless shelter residents are age 50 or older, which has created many challenges for The City. Older homeless residents are often confused as to how to access shelter and unable to receive proper medical care.

How to Make Housing Affordable for All the Working Poor

The headlines tell the story: “Half of all renters can’t afford the rent.” “Renters, get ready to take it on the chin.” “The rent crisis is about to get a lot worse.”

Shaun Donovan, Obama’s first secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), warned: “We are in the midst of the worst rental affordability crisis that this country has known.”

There are two ways to solve this problem: One, raise wages, and two, provide more subsidized housing to help fill the gap between incomes and rents. In recent years, the federal government has done neither.

Berkeley Progressives Say Mayor Bates' Housing Plan is a "Blueprint for Gentrification"

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates recently released a list of thirteen recommendations to spur housing development to address Berkeley's staggering affordable housing crisis. Some residents, however, see several components of mayor’s plan as an invitation for further displacement in Berkeley, where, according to a recent city staff report, the median rent jumped 12 percent in the last year alone.

Housing Groups Slam Proposal to Redefine Affordable Housing in Oakland

Affordable housing advocates are accusing Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and the city council of “gutting” housing assistance for low-income residents by redefining the definition of affordable housing. At a meeting of the city council’s Community and Economic Development Committee yesterday, dozens of people representing nonprofit housing groups condemned the city’s plan to shift millions in affordable housing subsidies away from low-income households and spend the money instead on subsidies for middle-class homebuyers.

The Return on Investment in Affordable Housing

Michelle Johnson and her three children have called a modest three bedroom apartment in North Philadelphia home for almost 20 years. Stepping into their apartment, it's easy to tell that it's a place where children have grown up. Small scuff marks in the hallway and old video game controllers stashed on the bottom shelf of a bookcase attest to the past presence of kids. In the family room, there is a collection of framed portraits and school photographs.

In San Francisco, An Affordable Solution that Helps Millennials

It's normal for millennials to still live at home these days. But what if you're a millennial who doesn't have a home to go back to?

Growing up, Alkeisha Porter says, she didn't like her mom's husband, and her dad had a drug problem. So at 16, she moved out and became homeless.

"I was basically just house-hopping from friends to some family members. Hey, it was comfortable to me. It wasn't cold. I wasn't sleeping outside," says Porter, now 23.

Activists March in Santa Rosa, Urge Help for Homeless

In equal measure of compassion for the homeless and outrage that more isn’t being done to alleviate their plight, demonstrators marched though the streets of Santa Rosa on a soggy Sunday demanding that Gov. Jerry Brown declare a housing “state of emergency.”

They carried placards reading “Homeless not Useless,” “Veterans need Housing” and names of homeless people who have died, their bodies found under a bridge or in a drainage ditch.

The demonstrators, who numbered about 100, chanted a “couch is not a home,” and “a tent is not a home.”

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