Hotline counseling


Launched in 2009, our Tenant Rights Hotline has counseled over 10,000 renters statewide.  It began as California’s only hotline for tenants in foreclosure situations (the Tenant Foreclosure Hotline), but in 2013 expanded to cover most other renters’ rights issues as well. By calling the hotline, renters learn about their rights and opportunities to educate and empower renters in their community and across the state. Many of our members first contact TT through the hotline and get involved in tenant rights work as a result of that experience.   

Our volunteer counselors receive over 10 hours of initial training and close supervision, drawing from the experience of those who have been doing tenant rights work in California for decades. Most of our counselors are tenants themselves who have direct experience asserting their rights. When you call the hotline you are talking to someone who can empathize and strategize.

Interested in becoming a counselor? Read more on our volunteer page.

Need to call the hotline? (888) 495 8020 and don't forget to become a member!

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