Central California Legal Services Inc. (VISALIA)

Mission: To Advance Justice and Empower People

Core Values: Commitment to excellence in providing creative quality legal services;  Equal justice;  Respect and compassion for our clients; Empowerment of clients;  Pride, enjoyment and satisfaction in our work.

Purpose: The purpose of CCLS is to fight social injustice, to provide education and representation to the disadvantaged and to maintain access to the legal system.



I moved into the complex four years ago, after receiving a Housing Choice Voucher. The apartment was not painted nor was the carpet cleaned. However, the complex was friendly. Last year, the on-site manager, who had managed the complex for 15 years, was suddenly replaced by a property management company. We immediately began getting notices on our doors warning us of fines for littering, loitering and other rule infractions. I also received a notice saying I owed $15 for rent. I asked for and received a print out of the ledger and racked my brain trying to figure out how I owed $15.

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