Santa Rosa


Promised a "Smoke-free" property with a "zero tolerance" policy but management company refused to take assertive steps to get rid of smokers off and on for six years. I am disabled, severely allergic to secondhand smoke, but had it pouring into my unit through the heat vents. Now the unit is toxically contaminated, and must be cleaned for me to use the heat/air vents again. The management company ignores all my verbal appeals and my written letters. I need an housing attorney that can represent a low-income client. Thank you so much.


I'm a San Francisco native, I grew up in the Richmond District and had always assumed that I would live my whole life in San Francisco, but I was a single mom, working full time for low wages as only single moms know, and I found myself having to get out of a bad relationship and the other one wouldn't leave didn't want to split up and the flat was in my name, but he wouldn't leave. I searched and searched and no one would rent to me because I had a child. They kept lying to me that San Francisco was not a suitable place for children, which I knew was BS, because I grew up here.


i am 600.00 behind in rent. my husband has been in the hospital now for over a month he has very serious heart problems and requires many meds that are expensive and not all covered by medical his ssi check has been put on hold and wont get it til he is back home and we dont know when that is my ssi has had to go towards the bills so we dont get shut off on top of everything else.

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