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My housemate and I moved in to our new rental house on 6/28, and turned the water utility on 6/27 (Friday - business day). We received our first water bill for 6/27 - 7/22 on 8/15 and it was $204 not including the $60 initial setup fee. That was 15 units of water used for the month, which is 330 gallons per day listed on the bill. We don't water the yard, as it's all succulents, and do a load of laundry each a week, take normal length showers (5-10 min) each morning.


We recently have been told that our landlords are putting our property up for sale. We received an email 24 hours ahead of a realtor and possible buyer visit, but 8 hours ahead of time they asked that we come to unlock the door for them, as they were out of time. It was during during the workday, and while we don't work far from home, it is not at a time of day either of us were able to leave work. Can they require us to unlock the place for a viewing? The notice was fine, and we both agreed to the viewing without our presence (even cleaned for it).


My roommates and I signed a year long lease that stated we were to be billed by our landlord for the water/sewer usage. It did not state when or if it would be monthly. The deposit section of the lease states the owner may withhold from the deposit only what is reasonably necessary to cover the following tenants defaults. But we do not feel that we are at a default if we never saw a bill for the water until 19 days after our lease was up.


Our landlord has just informed us that he is putting our rental house up for sale! A realtor showed up at our door and told us she was the new listing agent and wanted us to have a key made so that she can begin showing the house. We still have 6 months on our lease! What rights do we have? What notice was the landlord required to give us? Can we break our lease without any legal issues! Help!

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