San Jose


We (Husband & 3 Kids) have lived in our place for 2 years. Where do I begin, First we pay an huge amount of rent for a small 2 bedroom place (1850.00). The place has no air conditioning, No Dish Washer, the bathrooms have mold and the toilet is pulling up from the floor and the carpets are disgusting and to top it off the landlord has refused to give us the mailbox.


Hi. After speaking with my on-site manager about the condition of my kitchen sink (pic attached), I sent her pictures on January 16, 2009. I explained to her that it needed re-glazing. It had been scheduled to be repaired approx. August, 2008, however I ended up in the emergency and had the order canceled as I was afraid to go home to the fumes. She mentioned to me how her sink was chipping some as well since she started working here a few months ago. The on-site manager contacted the property management company, Prodesse Property Group.

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