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In 2007, our landlord attempted to evict us by raising our rent 500%, thinking that we would just leave. The SF Tenants Union gave us the tools we needed to go forth and fight this illegal increase. The Rent Board sided with us. But, after continued legal harassment (3 separate legal actions) by our landlord, two years later he got us out on the Ellis Act during settlement. This time of our lives was stressful for me, my partner and my teen aged children (who were also named in the lawsuit and verbally harassed in our home).

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Serve tenants in San Francisco Bay Area (also a small number of cases in San Mateo, Alameda, and San Jose) providing eviction defense, representation at the SF Rent Board and affirmative lawsuits for wrongful/constructive eviction,lock-outs, tenant harassment & failure to provide habitable premises.


The property management company wants payment through the mail but refuse to provide a receipt thru the mail. They want to charge me $50 late fee from 2 months ago (I only found out yesterday)because they claim it was one day late. When I called someone there about it, she said the matter was "trivial" to her. Thanks for the template letters on your website. I will mail them tonight!


prior landlord and current takes from my deposit money they have to pay the Rent Board. I find it strange I have to pay the rent board. Out of $700. there is very little left. Also I do not think he is aware but taking to much for interest when asking for a raise


Our building is being painted and we are terrified that our landlord will sell the building to someone who will convert it into condos and evict us all! If I am forced out of my place, I will have to leave SF because I have absolutely been priced out as an arts administrator, non-profit worker, and fundraiser for LGBTQ artists.


I am a 62 year old senior living with AIDS. After living in the heart of the Castro district in SF for four decades and in my apartment for over 18 years, I am going through the eviction process brought on by the new owners (real estate speculators)through the use of the Ellis Act and through no fault of my own. It is the owner's intention to renovate the building and resell it at a large profit.


San Francisco public housing is not including Earned Income Disregard when they calculate the rents of residents who have a job, or training program. According to the law passed by Congress in 1999, every public housing resident over 18 yrs old is eligible for Earned Income Disregard, if they qualify. Therfore PHA residents in all cities and states, including San Francisco can have their income disregarded for up to one year at 100% of the income. This means your rent stays at the lower amount for 1 year, so PHA residents can save and become self sufficient.


My landlord is the biggest wimp. He wont confront the neighbor's landlord to tell him that his tenants are very disruptive of the peace. Instead, he asked if we just wanted out of our lease. I feel like he should talk to the owner of the building next door to tell him to quiet his tenants. Nothing gets done, the neighbors are frightfully loud. I do believe there is no firewall between the structures. I want to call the fire dept to get it checked just so someone is doing something about the thin walls.

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