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Neighborhood House Association

The Neighborhood House Association (NHA) is San Diego County's largest multi-purpose human services agency. NHA helps thousands of individuals and families improve their quality of life by providing vital social services including employment, healthcare, child, family, and senior services.

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i am 86 yrs old, disabled. my son, 58 yrs. old, lives here and is my caregiver.
Our combined annual income is under $20,000/yr. Our family assists us with rental payments.
We have been registered with the San Diego Housing Assn. for 4 yrs. for Section 8 housing.
have no complaints with landlord. have lived here for 21 yrs.


-Management had tenant stay nextdoor to me who had gangraped a mutual friend after not working for two or three months and coming and going in and out of my apartment when I had my back-door open to air out the place or was inside my apartment and had the front door unlocked.

-Stabbing of a tenant occured with crack gang that had not been convicted by police (left a dead rat for awhile on utility box to make matters worse so neighbors couldn't really call police)

Tenants Legal Center

We are a community Law Office located and practicing in San Diego, CA  providing important and effective legal assistance, by an Attorney, to residential and commercial renters. Our goal is to provide an affordable resource for tenants and occupants to become educated and protected as to their rights under the law. We work to protect and prevent the loss of valuable and important rights through education, sound legal advice and effective appropriate action. 

The Tenants Legal Center offers in-office legal counseling; referrals to outside attorneys can also be made when necessary.

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