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After the new landlord bought our building over a year ago they had someone from corporate look us in the eye and promise not to raise rent. This year they raised all tenants rent 9-10% with no negotiation or consideration for good tenants who were here many years before they took over. After I learned of this I let them know I was going to form a tenant association within the building to give the tenants a stronger voice against the new landlord.


I moved into 6172 Mary Lane Dr. on July 15, 2010. I was the first of my 3 other roommates to move into the house and upon opening the front door of the house for the very first time I was greeted by a front room/dining area filled with bugs (ants, fruit flies etc.) due to a dead bird that was somehow placed inside of the house. My landlord Stala Gload had assured us that the house was clean and ready to move into.


I am disabled, living on a fixed income, below the poverty level. The renters rebate was the only extra income I received throughout the year and was extremely important.. It was my only opportunity to pay the mandatory annual car insurance,
without which, my freedom is stripped and I am forced to be a prisoner in my own home. I am agoraphobic and need to avoid crowds so public transportation is not an option for me
It is cruel to take from those that have so little


Landlords have been found in violation of illegally renting apartments that are considered occupant non-permitted and uninhabitable conditions; rather than landlords working with tenant, we have been illegally evicted with unlawful detainer and have been retaliated against. Landlords have an attorney who is not willing to communicate with us and making it extremely difficult for us. I suffer from HIV, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations and high blood pressure; it is unfortunate that they do not care about our health during the process of litigation in small claims court.


living here for about 4 years.we ask the landlord to fix the broken restroom.and she did but it took her workers about 3weeks to fix it and is still not done. we had to use the toilet out side and shower with cold water. we let all that slide. but now the floor is full of fungus it stinks the floor between the dinning room and kitchen got a big slant about a 3to4 inches slant people trip. we ask the land lord for help an she gave us a 30 dys to quit what do i do


I have previously posted information about unethical and illegal actions from 2 different persons who have acted as my landlords at different times. The 2nd landlord bought the property at 8915 Caminito Vera in San Diego Ca at a foreclosure auction and then sued my roommate and me in an attempt to evict us. He lost his case, even though we mainly used information we obtained from Tenants Together and we represented ourselves in CA Superior Court in downtown San Diego.


I have rented from the same company since 2001. I first lived on Utah St. & then they sold the building to someone that wanted to make condos out of the units. So, the housing commission gave me money to relocate. I ended up renting from the same company because I couldn't find anyone willing to allow my indoor cats. I moved into a lower unit when I had specifically asked for a upstairs unit. They know that I am on disability for anxiety. I also have a sleep disorder. Every place I have lived under this management, there has been noise disturbances from nearby tenants.


My roommate and I signed a 2 year rental agreement. When we moved in, we found our landlord had left 2 sawhorses, some tools and a huge 12'x 4'x 1 1/2' above ground planter in our back yard. The huge, unsightly planter was leaned up against the building. These things ruined the look of our small yard area and it made much of the area we paid to rent totally unusable.

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc.

San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program (SDVLP), Inc. provides free civil legal services to disadvantaged families, seniors, persons with disabilities, persons infected with HIV or AIDS, and domestic violence survivors in San Diego County. SDVLP offers the North County Unlawful Detainer Clinic, which provides legal information to litigants in unlawful detainer cases. Clinics operate weekly and are provided on a walk-in basis.

North County Unlawful Detainer Clinic:

Vista Courthouse
Main Building, South Entrance
325 South Melrose Drive
Vista, CA 92081

Legal Aid Society of San Diego

The Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc. (LASSD) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services to lower income San Diego residents.  


  • Eviction
  • Problems or questions about public housing (section 8, tax credit or other)
  • Housing discrimination
  • Questions about tenant rights (security deposits, etc.)
  • Source of income discrimination

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