San Diego


I'm part the GLBT nonpacific due to death threats
Gasligting /TI - tactics by surround neighbors owners friends were hospital nurses and military/ break in non forceable lead to landlords. my personal belonging were ruin /urinated human fecies on . appliances were marked walls and tearing of clothes and endless threats my car was tampered marks keyed and key picked which lead to deflated tires engines problems and break issues


I fell down a rear building staircase. There was absolutely no lighting. I have scrapes and bruises and ankle swelling ,back pain. Worries about going forward to landlord. They are known for sneaky retaliation. Don't want back lash problems. What
should i do? I hurt all over. We really do need that staircase and parking area lights replaced


I have been living in a residence hotel for seniors for 8 miserable years. Repairs that were promised were never done. They enter frequently into the dwelling but no improvements have been made. People have been threatened when they want to express their disgust with the management but were told if you don't like go elsewhere.


My landlord had my shower floor replaced in 2004 or '05, before I moved in in 2006. Poor workmanship caused the shower floor to leak through to the unit below mine, in 2010. Again my landlord had a buddy of his do a job that was far beyond that guy's abilities, so that water doesn't drain but remains in the corners and edges. My landlord agreed to have the shower replaced whenever I requested, I did that in March, 2014, after the landlord notified me that my rent was being raised by quite a bit.


I am tring to move to a smaller home I gave my 30 day notice my move out date is 11-03-2014 there are many details im leaving out I am having trouble getting a move package the 1st inspection report states that I am responsible for some things that the owner/RA is legally responsible for and I can not have my move packet until the house passes inspection on top of that I received a reinspection date of 11-17-2014 which is past my move out date


I have rented for over 20 yrs. New property mngrs for the last 8. They have been trying to get me out all 8 yrs. First giving me three day notice that rent wasn't received. I always pay rent on time. They charged me $35 more than even the best units were paying for 2 yrs.I had lived there the longest. When I asked them why? answer was It's what the market can handle or it's all the upgrades then put me on hold then would hang up. Never got upgrades or an answer. I started paying them the same rent as same units were paying, $35 dollars less, and received another 3 day notice.

Russell and Susan

Susan has been living in this home for 20+ years and I (Russell) have been living here for 14+ years. The home we live in is a 3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath home with a double car garage. The home was rented thru a property management firm. The house was originally rented to us below the market value for $1200 a month with the promise that we would work on the property to improve it. We did all the necessary upkeep and made all the repairs. All the money spent came out of our own pockets. This arrangement worked out great for everyone concerned.


My apartment was infected with BED BUGS.
The apartment manager had it inspected and they said that I must throw my bed away and they would spray. The building has had this problem in the past and I have proof that I didn't cause the problem. I asked them to replace my full sized mattress and they refused. Who can help me please. I am retired and on a fixed income of under $1000 per month. I work part time to help pay the bills and I am unable to buy a bed to replace the one I through away.

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