San Bernardino

Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino

The Legal Aid Society advocates educating, organizing, and empowering tenants to exercise their human right to affordable and safe housing, with an emphasis on foreclosure prevention. 

U.D.(Eviction) Answers Clinic* 

  • Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino
  • 588 W. Sixth Street, San Bernardino CA 92410
  • Every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00am
  • NO U.D’s on the 2nd Thursday and 4th Tuesday of the month

*call to confirm eligibility

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We have been reporting that we have bedbugs since December 2007. The manager finally got someone to come and spray in May 2008. Then the bedbug problem continued and we asked them to spray again and they didn't come and spray until July 19th 2008. They didn't even use the right stuff to spray to get rid of them. We have been throwing out our personal belongings ever since March 2008. We have finally started buying bed bug stuff to treat ourselves. Now our manager has given us an eviction notice. Where's the justice in that.

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