Renting a single wide trailer in a shady park. Trailer had water damage and what appeared to be mold. Mentioned it and then I noticed that someone had come in and painted over the areas of concerns. Faulty electrical system, plumbing problems. Rat infestation, oven quit working. Harrassed my fiance and threatend to call the sherrif because she was there.


I am being evicted of my cottage, my rent is being paid, I paid my rent mostly within the days I am allow to pay, but not late. I had an issue with my next door neighbor, she and some other woman arrased me, refused to move out of my parking spot, while I had my mother in my car I was called names by these two ladies, my mom urinated on her clothes because they woundn't move so I can get her close to my place, mom has a lot of hard time walking as we were trying to make it to my place things were not easy.

Legal Services for Seniors

Legal Services for Seniors (LSS) can help with:
- Elder Abuse, Financial & Physical
- Security, SSI and private pension problems
- Health care, Medicare, Medi-Cal & private health insurance problems
- Housing rights and landlord/tenant disputes
- Advanced Health Care Directives
- Simple wills
- Consumer and debt collection problems
- Guardianships

Tim & Trisha

Walking into court Monday morning with California Civil Code Section 1950.5 in hand, my wife and I thought we had a really good chance to see our Security Deposit once again from our previous Land-”Lord”.
After a 30 minute Mediation Meeting, the landlord offered a ridiculous amount to drop the case; we waited another 2 hours for our day in court.

Tim & Trisha

Update to Foreclosure Hell.

On May 12th some party unknown crept up to our door and taped a Notice To Quit our front door. They didn’t even have the nerve to knock on the door and deliver it to myself (disabled in wheelchair) or my 84 year old mother as we were both home watching TV at the time. The notice was kind of generic as it listed 3 types of notice, 3day – 30day - & 60 day. I guess they still don’t know who is living here as they continue to think that the original landlord lives in one of the Four single family dwellings.


We too are in the middle of the Horse Country Hill like Tim and Trish. Only we are the former Landlords tenants at his legal address for the loan. Everytime we saw a real estate agent or a process server, my wife and I were asked if we were the former owners. Turns out the property was bought by Sutton Funding. They are a company that rock stars, sports stars and actors toss money into for investing. We at the moment have papers for tenants saying that they have 10 days to file with the courts.

Tim & Trisha

Foreclosure Hell:
The Property - 10.6 acres in the country with 4 families’s living here.
The Foreclosure - Started in March of 2008 with the landlord assuring everyone that he was taking care of it.
The Sale - finally the Bank sold it at Foreclosure Action on Feb 27, 2009. No buyers so property became Bank Owned at that time.

What Has Happened Since The Sale - At this time only one of the four families has been served an eviction notice and that was only a 30 day notice.

Housing Authority of the County of Monterey

The Housing Authority of the County of Monterey (HACM) is a public agency that provides rental assistance and develops and manages affordable housing throughout Monterey County, California.


1) Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)

  • Provides assistance for very low-income households (single or family), the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market

2) Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Help build power for renters' rights: