After being harassed multiple times within the week of change of management, I put in my 30 days noticed, which my landlord refused to honor. After a fight, and a lengthy letter explaining my legal right with documentation proving my moving out, I was ready to do my move out inspection, which my landlord never showed up for. I have waited 21 days for my deposit to be returned to me, and have been ignored, after multiple attempts to contact my landlord.


harassment everyday banging on the door he can let anyone in the property but not us he put chains on the gate that made so hard for us tenants to go through it and if you have groceries we need some help to pass it over the fence and since from the start he is harrassing every female visitor who came to visit us.....he place is not habitable ver since and we , the tenants are the one who made it possible to live here and still not have the door on the kitchen he took out so he can come in at night he even force us to give him our room key i lost my car my job my friends and my self steem


I keep getting slugs in my kitchen. Landlord was slow to respond and has said twice they have plugged all holes in the kitchen. The slugs keep coming. Landlord now will not respond to me. What can I do?


In Oct of 2012 I called code enforcement on the landlord, a woman who knows nothing about real estate has since retaliated by trying to evict myself and my roommate. My roommate and I had to pay for an attorney and then went to fair housing and they have opened an investigation for all kinds of miss deeds and quoting laws that do not exist.

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Advance the rights of Californians with disabilities. Disability Rights California works to bring about fairness and justice for people with disabilities. To reach those goals of fairness and justice, we may:

File lawsuits on behalf of individuals or groups,
Investigate charges of abuse and neglect,
Build peer/self advocacy groups,
Forge community partnerships,
Advocate for change in laws, regulations, and public policy, and
Provide information to those who may not know about their rights.

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Since 1956, Legal Services of Northern California has provided quality legal services that empower the poor to identify and defeat the causes and effects of poverty. LSNC’s service priorities include the preservation of housing; health care; enhancing economic stability; support for families, family safety, and stability; civil rights; education; and serving populations with special vulnerabilities.

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ie been here for 3 months and been trying to get rid of the roaches their every where in the bathroom and kitchen i bombed once and she sent out the exterminator once and since then they have gotten worse im moving now but i seen this on the news and wanted to put this out here dont ever rent form her its crazy!!!


mrs woods owner lives in los angeles and her rental is in sacramento i saw the rental from the outside and decided to call her to see how much is the rent she told me can i afford 950 i said no so then she said 850 i said yes in our coversation she mentioned that the security fee will be 850 also i told her that we are on a budget and that we dont have that much so she said that she will work with us on the security fee to just send her 850 for the first months rent and we will make payments on the security fee i told her that we will need the place on sept 1st 2008 she said yes so we maile


We are 2 physically disabled elderly adults that have been wrongfully retalatorily evicted from our former residence of nearly 19 years at 3131 34 Ave. SAC. CA. for lawful just exercise of our civil rights.Through unlawful rent increases,inept/incompetent unlicensed contractors causing housing inhabitability,age/race/disability/housing discrimination,wrongful retaliatory discrimination(civil1942.5a),wrongful eviction,rigged legal case against us,we have been made wrongfully homeless in temporary housing.Can anyone help us obtain much needed urgent housing? Please help! Thank You. Scott.

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