I am on fixed income from Social Security benefits. I'm currently paying 70-93% for rent out of my primary income. I am disabled.

I'm a victim of suffering to have my credit report damaged from property management/apartment illegally. My former roommates failed to pay the rent on time while I paid my part. Landlord and former roommates breached my lease. The attorney at Legal Aid office said they (apartment/property management) are prohibited to report me to the credit bureau. My former roommates owes me a lot of money. They breached my contract, too.


I am about to go crazy. The home we have been renting has now been sold in a foreclosure sale.The 18th of November. I have been asking for 90 days to save to move and today was told I have to pay rent while the house. I dont know what to do. I spoke to the organization and the middle man between us and new owners. and he says to bad .


well the property that we are renting was recently sold from a foreclosure without our knowledge. the previous owner collected rent for november and now the new owner is threatening to evict us if we don't pay rent for nov again to them. He doesn't even have the title yet and is wanting to kick us all out and i know i must have some rights as a tenant.


I'm in beginning in stage of seeking an attorney right now, the hardest part is to find an attorney specializes in Landlord-Tenant Law in my area. My roommates & I are dealing with multiple problems with the landlord. LL hold the copy of lease, which didn't give us a copy, for four months. We finally got the copy of lease after 4 months waiting. LL promised to have kitchen/bath repaired but never did; suppose to fix HVAC, never did; take away the trailer, never did; clean out the junk (caused by previous tenant), never did.


the landlord hired a property management agent to rent this property, when we asked him and the agent if the property was not on risk of foreclosure, both assured us that the landlord was on time on his payments, however two weeks after moving in a representative from wells fargo knocked at the door and we found out that he was seven!

Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc.

The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc. (FHCRC) offers services to both landlords and tenants in an effort to resolve disputes arising from the individual’s tenancy. FHCRC receives complaints, investigates them, and then attempts to mediate the dispute between the landlord and tenant.

FHCRC also hosts educational workshops for both landlords and tenants on their rights and responsibilities under Fair Housing laws.

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