South Pasadena Tenants Union

SPTU is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending tenant rights and interests. We are a community of activists that believe in fair and affordable housing. We are in support of Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction for South Pasadena. We aim to spread awareness, support, and education for tenants in our city. 

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Pasadena Tenants Union

We are a grassroots movement founded in November 2016 by tenants and homeowners. We are a membership body of volunteers and have no paid staff. We believe housing is a human right and renters have an inalienable right to safe, decent, stable, and affordable housing. We advocate for renter rights and tenant protections from displacement caused by gentrification. 

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Pasadena Eviction Clinic

This is a weekly clinic that provides FREE one-on-one consultations with our eviction defense attorney and attorney volunteers. Anyone with a UD or pre-UD questions can come to the clinic for information. The Clinic is held every Thursday from 3pm-7pm at the Pasadena Central Library in the meeting room on the 4th floor. 


I feel I have a landmark case if assisted. I believe my first amendment rights my civil rights were violated and my right to peaceful domain. Briefly I filed a TRO against the grandson of the property manager and the son of the bookkeeper. They are not the owner. They begged me to go to a stipulation instead of formal TRO because he had done nothing further and they wanted to be sure it was not on his permanent record. Out of kindness I agreed after asking many times of their lawyer to assure me there would be no further issues or action against me in retaliation.


I have rented this home for 6 years. I have a $6500 security deposit. The landlord stopped paying mort. and taxes over a year ago, and also declared Chpt.7 bankruptcy without telling me. and I learned of the foreclosure in November... NTS in Jan. and sold at Court House this month. (April 24,2013). I witheld the last months rent (April) and he filed a UD still pending. I had to hire a lawyer to defend and hope to clear it before the UD is unsealed and goes on my record. The irony is that the landlord has to progress the case. I cannot!


My home is in foreclosure. The landlord has filed for bankruptcy and I have a huge $7500 deposit. If I move before the home is actually foreclosed, I don't know how I can recover my security...especially if he is in bankruptcy. Is he protected against my deposit claim? If he is not paying the mortgage company, why would he pay me? Yet I am threatened to pay court costs and $600 if I withhold rent to recover the security deposit. He told me he cannot do a short sale and as he is in foreclosure now, he will eventually lose the house. I feel like I am in limbo.

(Donna) LYNN

I am 58 yrs. old & permanently disabled. I live on $950/mo Social Security Disability benefits. Every year Social Security gives a cost of living increase& every year, my rent goes up as much as the col increase or more & then I am living on less than I was for the rest of my monthly expenses.


I am a renter and participant in the Section 8 voucher Program. Yesterday I found out that the owners have not been paying the mortgage and that the property I live in will be sold at our local court house on August 8th. That does not leave me a whole lot of time to try and figure out what my rights are, will I get my security deposit back, how long will I have to move-out or why I wasn't informed of this a whole lot sooner. I notified my Section 8 Housing Counselor yesterday but she needs time to figure out what is going on.


I have lived in this small two-bedroom house on a quiet residential street in Pasadena, CA for a little over two years. I've put a lot of my own money into the house, maintained it myself and always paid rent on time. That is, until eight months ago when, like a lot of people, I lost my job.

My landlord has been very understanding and not pressured me to move. I borrowed money from family to pay a portion of the back rent, but then my house was robbed.

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