As an Oakland native, I’m especially fond of the Bay Area, which is why I’ve been living in the same in-law unit in the Glenview district of Oakland since 1993 – twenty-one years and no regrets! Yet a less than a year ago I was served a 60-day notice to vacate the in-law unit I had been renteing, the byproduct of a loophole in Oakland’s housing laws: Three units or fewer with owner living onsite = no rent control (if owner lives off-site, then rent control is in effect).


My landlord just underwent mold remediation in our unit. They have failed to provide us with the lab results despite my partner having cancer and our right to know the toxins we have been exposed to. They ignore our requests for furniture replacement and rent deduction.


Fraudulent unlawful detainer. Landlord submit eviction for non payment of rent. Landlord accepted rent after paperwork was accepted. Landlord arrangement and continued to received rents.


My experience is not related to me as a tenant but as a staff member. A few of us know of these mismanagement practices by staff either due to incompetence and lack of professionalism or ethics. Many former staff members have sued the management for unfair treatments and had settled with most of them.


I applied,last year durig my cancer diagnosis at highlnd be for ibecame homless,,was denied for mv in deposit,, I a now homeless,cont.to perceied too mv frm aptmt,,causing health problems ,,,graecefullyf" i was not rejected at this time of my crisis wit seasonsharing assistingme wit my depositr


I am writing this due to promting after signing a petition regarding the Ellis Act. I was the victim of the Ellis Act twice while living in San Francisco.

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Our landlord/property owner is trying to sell our house which includes a separate unit behind us. He went through multiple appraisals before putting it on the market, which we think is because the rear unit isn't up to code. He offered the house to us first but after we got our own appraiser, decided against it because our appraiser said it needed too much work.
He took down the barbed wire on our fence and refused to put it back, even after strangers kept getting into our common area backyard and our neighbor's scooter was stolen.


Our landlord is selling our unit and has offered it to us to buy. He's also emailed that we have 60 day to move out if we don't want to buy it.
The Oakland housing authority says a landlord can't evict tenants if they're selling the property.
On the other hand, a landlord doesn't need reason for vacating tenants.


I have received an eviction notice from new owners of a property they bought in a short sale. The property was set to be auctioned, and the landlady was being foreclosed upon. The new owner says they did not buy the house in a foreclosure situation and that I am not entitled as a senior and disabled individual to any more than 60 days to get out. I do want to leave, but I must have a place to move to. Accessible and affordable housing is hard to find in Oakland. I have been hunting for a place for months. The stress from the new owners is hard to bear.

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