Mountain View


Been tenant for 4 years. Then the neighbor from "hell" Bangs on our floor her ceiling for everything throughout our unit.

Biggest concern is DISABLED mental/physically impaired wife + animals.

Tried mediation but failed for she violated and won't confront.

Now filing with police and Federal/Stae/Local authorities to protect wife whose condition is bad that facing premature pacemaker replacement.On a good week, she is fully functional 2 days.

Pets hide in fear!! from noises. Vets concerned.

Police really powerless.


Today I had my court case for an eviction notice. I'm on Section 8, a disabled single mom receiving Social Security with a 16 year old daughter. I received a 60 day notice from my landlord for no reason. (During my annual inspection, Section 8 said if I'm in a month to month, he doesn't need a reason. I had voiced my concern to her as I was afraid I was going to be kicked out, and I was right). Section 8 corrected him and told him he needs to give me 90 days notice, so he did. I was not behind on rent at all, and have been in this 2 bedroom apartment for 7.5 years.

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Our Emergency Assistance program is designed to provide vital resources to clients in crisis. Our case workers assess each situation and determine immediate needs, whether that comes in the form of providing temporary shelter or one-time emergency financial assistance to help pay rent or PG&E bills for the month. Each client is assisted with household budgeting to help plan for a future of financial independence.

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