Mill Valley


I contacted my landlord about 2 men they hired to polish the doors as I was leaving out of my studio apartment one of the men kept spraying this chemical which leaked on my clothing he gave a lousy apology while trying not to laugh and when I closed my door he burst into laughter along with the other man.For 3 days I have been ill due to the chemical spray I reported the incident to my landlord who responded by saying they found nothing in the spray that could have contributed to my illness.They also stated that the man was fired for the incident but other than that there was nothing they c


Due to harassment, discovering the unit I lived in was illegal and unlivable conditions, I was forced to break my lease. My landlord insisted I was liable for the remainder of the lease and I insist that the lease is void because the unit was misrepresented, illegal and never should have had a lease attached to it. In addition, the landlord monitored my activities and otherwise invaded my privacy. Now he wants me to find him a new tenant, but I feel I would be liable knowing the unit is illegitimate and unsafe.


I had an experience a couple of years ago. Our landlord passed away and before we knew it, our home was up for sale. The son hired a property management company. My very first interaction with the management company came with a threat to evict if I got in her way to selling the house. I was quite shaken and decided to check my rights as a tenant. There are very specific rules as to when they can show an occupied property with regards to giving notice, leaving identity of the person who showed the house, etc. They proceeded to break all of those rules.

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