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My current address is not where this issue occurred.
I rented an apartment from Gary Townsend at the 2523 N Street, Apt #6 in Sacramento, CA 95816 for 2 1/2 yrs while on work assignment. I gave him two months written notice via letter prior to moving out. Within the letter I requested to have us do a final walk-through to review apartment conditions and reminded him of this the day before the move, to come to do the walk. He never showed and did not return my call.


When our wonderful bldg mgr was forced to retire 4 years ago, the mgt co. hired a couple who are horrible. They are covered in tattoos (not that all tattoos are bad) and seem to be stoned most of the time -- when they aren't being verbally abusive. They pick a different tenant each month and pretend they didn't get their rent check claiming they need another NOW with a $50 late fee. He has always been CREEPY and NOSY and we now think he is entering out apts when we are not home. One woman came home at night to find someone had been in her apt -- and they had to have used a key.


the ill reputed ex-manager who was petitioned off this property by the tenants gave me a 90 day notice which ever since has caused problems with my section 8!!! and since then I've been paying More than my low income in Rent, while my section 8 has been tied up at the housing authority!! a terrible ex-manager!!!


yes please help this prop. went from default all the way to auction by the new bank that remove his and file a change of trustee also so the new beneficiary bank contact me by phone telling me that after the auction date they will send a letter of eviction landlord still on paper so he still want to collect rent I stop rent he send me to court on 28 of this month 4 units they all gone I'm the only tenant left on the prop.

Los Angeles Center For Law and Justice

LACLJ strives to provide holistic, trauma-informed services. In addition to meeting clients’ diverse legal needs, LACLJ provides clients with safety planning, psycho-education and social service referrals through its Community Care Advocacy Program. LACLJ works closely with survivors of domestic violence. 


* You should not send confidential information to LACLJ without getting LACLJ's permission first. 

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Jewish Free Loan Association

At the heart of Jewish Free Loan Association is the General or Emergency Loan Program, providing interest-free loans of up to $15,000 to individuals and families of all faiths in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. These loans assist normally self-supporting individuals with money for rent, moving expenses, security deposits, car repairs, used car purchases as well as medical and dental emergencies. One guarantor only is required for loans up to $1,000 if unemployed, $7,500 employed, and two guarantors are necessary for any amount over $7,500.

JFLA has two office locations:


Landlord agreed to pay half the costs for a new (and much needed) bathroom sink and cabinet. Reneged on verbal agreement. when sink & cabinet were installed @ my expense, landlord entered premises (without permission, without my knowledge and without my presence)- USED MY TOOTHBRUSHES AND KITCHEN KNIVES TO RIP OUT THE SINK and then put it back using substandard caulking. He's an old, crazy, cranky man who is impervious to complaints and city officials. I don't know what to do.


Dear Governor S.,


My name is David Lee Frater. I am a disabled 55 year old man who has been disabled for the last 6 years. I used to be a principal systems analyst, the rank above a senior systems analyst, for all of my adult life after college before I became disabled. I worked, and worked very hard for nearly 30 years before becoming disabled.



I am a wheel chair user on a fixed income who cannot find nor afford to move to affordable handicapped accessible housing in my neighborhood - the westside.

The renters rebate has been the one source of small help in my continually rising rental cost.

Housing Rights Center of Los Angeles

The Housing Rights Center (HRC) offers an array of services:

1) Housing Discrimination Complaint Investigation

  • HRC investigates allegations of housing discrimination under the fair housing laws
  • Case resolution can include mediation, conciliation, a referral to state and federal administrative agencies, or referral to HRC’s Litigation Department 

2) Landlord-Tenant Counseling (in-person or through hotline)

Help build power for renters' rights: