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My building is filled with mold and dust in all the vents. Pipes leak constantly, and recently the landlord turned down the water pressure in all units because his water bills were getting too expensive. Turns out the leaks were making his bills high, not tenant overuse of water. Something breaks in my apartment every week.


I have been living at my present apt. going on 3 years now. The first year was very pleasant, but since they have gotten new case managers my living situation has become a total Hell. It started when I started asking for repairs to be made in my apt. There is holes and loose fixtures in the floor and ceiling. Then my neighbors started harassing me, I complained about the noise and the banging of the walls they were doing and I also called the housing authority and told them that my apt. was not being repaired.


I have been living at my apartment building for about 3 years. After 1 year, without notice, major renovations began. For the next 2 years, I have had to deal with noise, debris, lack of water, workers coming into my apartment every week, and recently was relocated to a different unit. The renovation has severely impacted my life. After several letters to the management describing the problems I have experienced and requesting some form of compensation, such as a decrease in rent, I was given a $300 credit.

Inner City Law Center

ICLC provides a wide variety of legal services focused mainly on housing and homelessness to low-income individuals and families: 

Healthy Homes

ICLC promotes decent, affordable housing and addresses conditions that threaten the health and safety of low-income tenants.  ICLC educates and organizes tenants so as to empower them to force landlords to repair buildings and improve unhealthy conditions.  ICLC sues landlords who fail to comply with the legal requirements of safe and decent housing.


Right now I live in a nice place but have recently had a baby and now need to move. I am a section 8 recipient and am writing to voice my concerns about how most section 8 tenants are forced into low income neighborhoods because the owners of properties in nice neighborhoods don't want to rent to section 8 tenants. I live in Los Angeles and I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard a property owner say " we don't participate in the section 8 program or no section 8 or we don't accept section 8". I feel this is a legal way of discriminating against low income people.


My son is a student at ucla and moved into an apartment with 4other boys. One of the previos tenenates/roommates had a problem with bed bugs and let the land lord know asking for an exterminator. Instead the landlord sprayed himself. We were under the understanding a professional exterminator, had taken care of the problem., otherwise we never would have moved him in. As soon as we moved my sons furniture and in his room we found a bed bug crawling across his mattress. We caught it to show the landlord.


My name is Jose. My girlfriend and I moved into our apartment about 10 months ago. Aside from the old sink faucets, the place seemed to be in very good shape. Newly installed laminate flooring as well as fresh paint throughout. A few weeks after moving in, my girlfriend noticed bugs crawling in from the shower drain. They were termites. They were coming in through the window and the shower drain. I reported it to the manager and he promised to come and fix it the next day. He came and applied some caulking around the drain and window frame.


6yrs tenancy landlord went bankrupt.New landlords took over and sold property.New landlords terminated our lease giving us 30 days notice+rent payed until last day.

Public Counsel

Public Counsel provides a wide variety of legal services to low-income individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses.

Public Counsel's Homelessness Prevention Law Project: eviction defense team provides assistance through direct representation at the Stanley Mosk and Pasadena Courthouses; prepare self-represented tenants through their clinics to assist them in defending their right to stay in their home and prevent them from becoming homeless.

Public Counsel's Consumer Law Project: protects consumers from unlawful debt collection and consumer fraud. 

Bet Tzedek Legal Services

Bet Tzedek was founded in 1974 by a small group of lawyers, rabbis, and community activists who sought to act upon a central tenet of Jewish law and tradition: “Tzedek, tzedek tirdof – Justice, justice you shall pursue.” This doctrine establishes an obligation to advocate the just causes of the poor and helpless. Consistent with this mandate, Bet Tzedek provides assistance to all eligible needy residents throughout Los Angeles County, regardless of their racial, religious, or ethnic background.

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