The building was sold in December of 2014. The previous owner sold our private personal information to this so-called new owner without our permission and the new owner came in and raised our rent more than 50-60% in 30 days. All then tenants have resided in this building over a year. The new owner harassed me and made my life difficult when I asked him to give us 60 days for the rent increase. I've had to put a restraining order against him and his relatives. Now, I'm paying almost double for the apartment which is filtered with terminates and a host of other issues.


We have been served with a 90 day notice because our landlord is apparently in foreclosure. He says he is in litigation with the bank. We are being told by the manager that we are to continue to pay our rent to him and "not to worry" . The lawyer for the bank told us when WE contacted them that we should pay them but have not recieved any written instructions

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