Hi, I'm Teal and I lived in Chico,Ca in a 3 bdr. 2bath apt. and had a landlord that did not uphold to the standards that they stated that they maintain to be. The unit carpet was not cleaned and we had to clean it the day we moved in as well as it was so old and used so, that the padding had worn as flat as a pancake. One of the burners on the stove never worked and the others were long to heat up as well as the top and bottom of the stove didn't match; the top was from one stove and the bottom was from another one.


In 2008 the owner of the home I was renting stopped paying their mortgage and then wanted me to accept their mail for a TARP loan. I realized they were loosing the home and wanted out of my two year lease. They would not give me back my $4,100.oo deposit because they did not have it any longer. Although they were not paying their mortgage. I had to go to eviction court becuase that was the only way I would get the deposit back. The court forced them to give me the rent credit with the deposit, but, I had to get evicted.

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