Berkeley Tenants Union

The Berkeley Tenants Union is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of Berkeley renters through grassroots organizing, outreach, and policy advocacy. We believe housing is a human right and rent stabilization is Berkeley’s most effective affordable housing program. We will empower and educate tenants to preserve their right to stable, quality housing, because Berkeley is a better place to live when people from all walks of life can afford to make Berkeley their home.


Besides that we are renting the crappiest apartment ever at $3400 for two br, this is the worst meanest landlord I have ever met in my whole life. Our landlord decided to 'hire' his friend to sort about 4 paper boxes that were not properly put in the recycle bin by us, then charge us $100 for the fine. First, he didn't get fined by the city, he decided to fine us directly. Second, he 'hired' his friend to do this little work, and charge us $100. This is definitely illegal, but we are not sure how could we confront him and solve this problem. We just felt so deceived the played.


I am a disabled senior in residency in Albany, CA who has been the target of discrimination for the eleven years since moving here; I'm the victim of wrongful eviction 4 times since 2004; the current landlord wants me out, rather than comply with the ADA; the Disabled Person's and Unruh Acts; the landlord claims my removal is so he may remodel and sell his unit;although many renters here became lst time home owners after renting their units; my landlord says he's 'opting out of Section 8'; though they help pay my rent and help first time home buyers too; there are many vacancies here; th


I am a disabled resident and a senior citizen in residency at the Gateview HOA since 2004; the HOA through its several Managers and via certain of our Security, including the Albany Police; have taken me through wrongful/retaliatory evictions five times under color of law WITHOUT CAUSE; during my residency I have been the victim of hate violence; assault; threats; harassment and retaliation for my status as a protected individual under the ADA; the Disabled Person; The Rehabilitation and the Unruh Civil Rights Acts; there are many barriers prohibiting disabled seniors and disabled persons;


I have been living here for 23 years. the new landlord is upset cause the roof fell and section 8 told him he needed to fix and stop payment for one year so now he gets upset with me and wants me to move gave illegal eviction notice yet accepted my money for rent> does not want me to tell section 8 nor the court? basically if I do not ask for things to be fixed then I can stay? it's a form of Bullying the tenant. what can I do to protect myself against this ? in 23 yrs, I have tolerated rats, fallen ceilings, rugs since 1970 and now this. I am a student and disabled. low income

SEEDS Community Resolution Center

With a diverse group of volunteers whom we train in communication and conflict resolution skills, SEEDS mediates disputes between neighbors, friends, families, landlords and tenants, those in business relationships, and court litigants. In addition to that, SEEDS provides conflict resolution counseling services. We also refer disputants to other services and agencies and serve as a general resource for people wanting to learn about mediation and other alternative dispute resolution related issues and activities.


Some years ago my partner and I rented part of a rent-controlled house in Berkeley. We were good tenants - always paid on time and did improvements on the yard. Our landlord was friendly at first, but then threatened us with eviction when I became pregnant with our second child. He said that we had "agreed we wouldn't have children" when we moved in. He repeatedly harassed us for months and entered the house without notification or permission while I was on bedrest to avoid a miscarriage. Among other things, he threatened to evict us if I didn't smile at him when I saw him!

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