My landlord does nothing to improve this 3 bedroom apartment we've been living in for 7 years, but every year he raises the rent. This year he tried to raise it twice in a year. I asked him why he was raising it without doing anything; he replied, "have you seen what apartments are going for on Craigslist?" So basically he was just saying "BECAUSE I CAN."


The Washer an dryer are on our power for our unit. The landlord uses and does not reimburse use for use. She (landlord) purchased a new electric car and stated that she was going to install a power outlet in the garage and was asked if this going to be put on the same circut as the washer/dryer and she said she didn't know and when asking about the washer/dryer being on our power she went into a story about deserving the car and that she just had a baby.


recently moved do to $600 a month increase don't feel safe at night when I get home do to the fact I have to park two blocks or at the other street and my rent is more than I can afford since I only get ssa and I was told my rent would increase. going trough this daily is affecting my health


I have been renting a room in a 6 bedroom unit in El Cerrito. It has been a month to month basis, and I have made my rent every month. I have been mostly quiet and to my self. I lately have been staying with my Girlfriend who lives in Oakland 4 nights a week, meaning I am at my room 3 nights a week. I got an eviction notification via facebook chat from my land lord telling me I was to leave the premises by Dec 2nd. Reasons stated is that my chinchilla smells at times, I am not home, and I don't "pitch in".


I moved out of my apartment after my neighbors and my landlord began calling me and harassing me about where my boyfriend parked. He barely came over, but when he did, he parked in a communal parking area where other tenants families/friends parked. Being a young, single female, I became uncomfortable with being watched and constantly harassed. I gave my 30 days notice and moved out. My landlord and I completed the final walk-through together where she said she would be charging me for cleaning, even though I had cleaned it so it was in better condition than when I had moved in.

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