Fresno Coalition for Healthy Housing

Tenants Together and local Fresno groups Faith in Community, Lowell Community Development Corporation, Housing Alliance of Fresno, Planned Parenthood, Fresno Partnership, Laborers Local 294, Fresno Metro Ministry, and No More Slumlords are joining together to fight for a slumlord-free Fresno.


The coalition has three basic demands:

1. City Council should outlaw advertisement of substandard units for rent. No "for rent" sign should be posted until the unit is fit to rent. That change will help ensure that units are up to code before tenants even move in.

2. Code Enforcement should step up inspections of rental units. Fresno needs a routine inspection program to make sure all rental units are inspected periodically.

3. The City Attorney needs to file suit against slumlords that refuse to make repairs.

Help build power for renters' rights: