Tenant Voices

Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I was hired as a property manger for a single family dwelling with 8 rental units in Echo Park area. 1905 it was built. The day I moved in, she said I needed to provide my own heating! Some days were 55 degrees inside and warmer outside, as there was no insulation. A stroke of synchronicity, one... continue reading
Lancaster, Los Angeles
I have lived with my family in a 2-apt duplex for seven years and have never once been late on my rent. Every repair that needed done, I had to get County Code Enforcement involved. I came home one day a few weeks ago to have my daughter advise me a Man from a company came out to verify residency... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
I applied for an apt in Oakland and gave the management company the "holders fee". The unit was not ready on time due to construction and City inspections overdue. I told them that i wanted my holders fee back and they refused saying that the form i had signed was binding and their policy meant i... continue reading
Boron, Kern
I am inspired by the success of TenantsTogether... There is another matter we are addressing in Easter Kern; the lack of public Transportation for hundreds of families stranded in the Mojave Desert Region, who can no longer afford the costs of private vehicle fees and insurance. We propose a city... continue reading
Torrance, Los Angeles
We rent a home March 2009. In April 2009 a Notice of Trustee sale was posted & mailed to the property (3 bed room single family home) We advised the landlord. He claims nothing to worry about. We paid him April & May's rent. We had no contact with him during the being June 2009. We attempt... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
yes please help this prop. went from default all the way to auction by the new bank that remove his and file a change of trustee also so the new beneficiary bank contact me by phone telling me that after the auction date they will send a letter of eviction landlord still on paper so he still want... continue reading
Murrieta, Riverside
Well, after repeatedly asking our landlord if the home was in danger of foreclosure and being assured that he was refinancing and it would "all be handled", my kids came home from school to find a notice of trustee sale on our door yesterday. It says the home will be auctioned on 9/1/09 which is... continue reading
Brentwood, Contra Costa
I am currently in a home that is being auctioned off on August 20, 2009. The owners of the home claim they still own it, but after talking to the bank they are using I was told that they do not own the home and that it is in fact going to auction and that they are not working with the home owner as... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
my wife and I rented a house jan. 2009 before renting I checked to see if the house was in foreclosure if was not this was in jan. 2009. we moved in and by July 2009 we found out that the house is in foreclosure my question is after the bank takes back the house do I still have to pay the former... continue reading
Oakley, Contra Costa
ive been renting and just found out that for around the last eight months they havent been paying the rent.they are in default not yet foreclosure.the thing that upsets me is that they never said a word about letting it go. they called the next day after we found out from the mail person asking for... continue reading
Pasadena, Los Angeles
I am a renter and participant in the Section 8 voucher Program. Yesterday I found out that the owners have not been paying the mortgage and that the property I live in will be sold at our local court house on August 8th. That does not leave me a whole lot of time to try and figure out what my... continue reading
Soquel, Santa Cruz
my mother in law moved into this park in 1993. after 2 years of litigation the park finally accepted her and my husband in 1995. now my husband has been here for 16 years. I moved in around 2002. my mother in law moved to auburn in 2006, to take care of dying family. the park has started our... continue reading
Albany, Alameda
For the past six yers, the undersigned,
Daly City, San Mateo
i got laid off my job in April, but paid aprils rent. Two weeks ago landlord said she needed 1200 from me in order to stay in apt. My rent is 7oo per month, therefore i am behind 3 months. I gave her 1000 (borrowed from a friend) and now today she says i need to pay her the full amount and get out... continue reading
Santa Rosa, Sonoma
i am 600.00 behind in rent. my husband has been in the hospital now for over a month he has very serious heart problems and requires many meds that are expensive and not all covered by medical his ssi check has been put on hold and wont get it til he is back home and we dont know when that is my... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
i rented a home about 2 1/2 years ago. i was told the person i talked to and met was a friend of the owner. the wife and husband got married and then needed to rent out the house i'm living in. i met the owner and he seems pretty nice. he signed the lease and i right him the checks every month. but... continue reading
Riverside, Riverside
the landlord hired a property management agent to rent this property, when we asked him and the agent if the property was not on risk of foreclosure, both assured us that the landlord was on time on his payments, however two weeks after moving in a representative from wells fargo knocked at the... continue reading
copperopolis, Calaveras
“We paid our rent and we had a lease”. Washington Mutual unlawfully locks a mother and her son, out of their home! We paid our rent and had a 1 year lease until Aug 20, 2010, with the option to buy. WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, Washington Mutual locked us out of our home, unlawfully evicting a single... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
I am a veteran with a fixed income. I've been collecting my $350.00 for many years/. Now the governer has slashed the 191 million that we desparately need. My rent is 85 % of my income. I'm disabled and have no other supplements, no other income. and now I can't work.
Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino
We moved into this house on 2/15/08. We had a choice to pay cashier's check or direct deposit, we chose direct deposit. Since he lives out of state I thought it best to pay via direct deposit. We explained to the landlord that I get paid every 2 weeks, in a years period he would get 13 months... continue reading
Temecula, Riverside
We rented a beautiful home in Temecula, Ca after selling our home after loss of job 4 yrs ago. We signed a two yr lease and have lived here for one yr. We began receiving mail addressed to the landlord from the county of Riverside and mortgage attorney's, immediately we knew something was wrong. We... continue reading

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