Tenant Voices

Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I was hired as a property manger for a single family dwelling with 8 rental units in Echo Park area. 1905 it was built. The day I moved in, she said I needed to provide my own heating! Some days were 55 degrees inside and warmer outside, as there was no insulation. A stroke of synchronicity, one... continue reading
Bakersfield, Kern
been living with someone over a year he has decided to move out didnt give me any notice just tells me hes moving i have less then 30 days to move im not on the rental agreement and he is being a jerk about the situation im currently unemployed with no vehicle so i am having a hard time because it... continue reading
San Leandro, Alameda
My Story is that I requested to have a service animal and was treated like dirt, the company Eden Housing, Management never responded I filed a HUD complaint and let me tell you HUD does not help residents in need, they side with the big management companies and make you feel like you have just... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
Hello, My name is Jackie Blair, I am a widow and currently disabled because of a lung disease. I had to move out of my previous apartment because the landlord sold the property. I only get disability payments and my husbands small pension from Veterans Affairs, and I am on section 8 housing... continue reading
Sanger, Fresno
I rented a 2br apt from JD Home Rentals in Fresno, CA. I lived there for 5 years; always paying my rent on time. Always. If it were not for the low rent, I would never live in such a horrible place managed by such horrible, unlawful, and flat out uncaring individuals; including and especially their... continue reading
Riverside, Riverside
I am about to go crazy. The home we have been renting has now been sold in a foreclosure sale.The 18th of November. I have been asking for 90 days to save to move and today was told I have to pay rent while the house. I dont know what to do. I spoke to the organization and the middle man between us... continue reading
Laguna Woods, Orange
I rented an apt in a new complex close to my office. AC unit leaked into my unit destroying a piece of carpet. Management would not do anything to cure the problem but put a dehumidifier in unit using my electricity and intruding for over three weeks. They decided they fixed the problem however... continue reading
Palm Springs, Riverside
Brought to the attention of my manger and the management company that my kitchen floors has spongy floors and has a speed bump in it. After she brought in 2 contractors i was told it was a huge expensive job and she didnt know what to do with me. One day i was able to get into the area below my... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
I believe this the organization, that kept me in my unit, for which I lived for 25 years. Without a stipend from your organization, I would either have ended up in a single room (SRO) or homeless.
ORANGEVALE, Sacramento
My family of five moved into a 3bd 1.5 bath in Feb.2005 for 1300.00 a month. Our lease she a one year term. At the end of that first year we stayed on as month to month with little issues expect getting them to come fix things in a timely manner. We were month to month from Feb.2006- 1-2010. In... continue reading
Riverside, Riverside
well the property that we are renting was recently sold from a foreclosure without our knowledge. the previous owner collected rent for november and now the new owner is threatening to evict us if we don't pay rent for nov again to them. He doesn't even have the title yet and is wanting to kick us... continue reading
Lodi, San Joaquin
It is very simply. I have lived in this house for just over three years, and have never once been late on my rent, and always paid the full $900.00 a month. I have not damaged the house in any way. I have let the back yard go, because I became ill and could not afford to hire anyone to keep it up.... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
My current address is not where this issue occurred. I rented an apartment from Gary Townsend at the 2523 N Street, Apt #6 in Sacramento, CA 95816 for 2 1/2 yrs while on work assignment. I gave him two months written notice via letter prior to moving out. Within the letter I requested to have us... continue reading
Folsom, Sacramento
The property management company, Westcal Management, does a smoke detector test twice a year at which time they decide they have the right to do inspections for anything they please: mold, maintenance, etc. even though nothing can be found authorizing them. They also tout 'Good Housekeeping... continue reading
Sacramento, Sacramento
ie been here for 3 months and been trying to get rid of the roaches their every where in the bathroom and kitchen i bombed once and she sent out the exterminator once and since then they have gotten worse im moving now but i seen this on the news and wanted to put this out here dont ever rent form... continue reading
Studio City, Los Angeles
I moved into an apartment in Jan 2006. From day one, it was a hassle...everyone had storage units and when I asked which one was mine, I was told that I did not get one as I was a single tenant! I found out that my storage was being RENTED out to someone who did NOT live in the building! Then I... continue reading
Pacifica, San Mateo
My landlord took over 2 months to return our deposit stating she was suffering from health problems. However, once I sent her a demand letter, she contacted me and told me she would comply. I received a check from her 15 days after I mailed the letter. She had deducted $1764 for what she said was... continue reading
Briones, Contra Costa
I have been renting a mobile home on 11 acres for the last 7 years. I rented it in good faith from the landlord. Just recently, as a result of the well collapsing on the property, and the landlord do nothing to fix or repair it. Leaving us to obtain our own water for the last 11 months.... continue reading
Vacaville, Solano
I moved in the unit in Sept. of 2006 and had to transfer my unit because of habitability issues. The bathroom plumbing was connected to the laundry room and the wash water was backing up in my bathtub. I had to take my son out of the bathtub on 3 seperate occasions and was moved after 2mos of... continue reading
Cayucos, San Luis Obispo
I received a 30 notice of Termination of Tenancy four days after I paid rent for Oct.2010. I was shocked. i called my landlord but she refused to talk to me. We were once friends and a small dispute last July 2010, which I thought was resolved. She parks her RV on a nearby lot and spends time... continue reading
Prunedale, Monterey
I answered an ad for a house off of Craig's List for a single house on 1/4 acre for $1250.00. Set up an appointment to see the property. The landlord's daughter who is over 21 came to meet me and show me the property. It was clean inside and there was a small storage unit on the outside, which... continue reading

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