Tenant Voices

Vallejo, Solano
Hello I have only been a resident of vallejo for 9 years, 7 at my present address. My present landlord purchased these apts. 2 years ago has raised the rent once, last Aug. by 10% but wants to raise it again in April. She has given me advance notice within legal limits but wants a 30% increase...$... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Newest and 3rd Landlord of 1.5 years is Ellis-ing me,a 66yr old who's lived in this duplex for 18 years.He recently divulged to me he will be using my unit for his GIRL FRIEND'S studio and is most likely not going to break through wall to make one big home. I believe the law states that a person,... continue reading
Upland, San Bernardino
The new landlord at this residence is a slumlord. He does not maintain the premises, pool routinely shut down by health dept, he illegally mandates increases in both rent and security deposits, does illegal construction on premises, caught dumping caustic pool chemicals to the public street,... continue reading
Oxnard, Ventura
I live in a brand new apartment complex. Two people in my apartment complex were disabled and have died. One tenant had stomach issues and the other had kidney issues and having dialysis every other day. I am also disabled and have congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy. Now I have kidney... continue reading
castro valley, Alameda
we had a serious plumbing problem, the landlord wanted us to pay damages, we refused and now have been given a notice to vacate by 9/1/14. my husband is disabled, we need a first floor unit
Alturas, Modoc
we were just served with a notice of the owner being in default on his home loan. we were told it is in pre foreclosure and all of the sudden the landlord is in town from Oklahoma wanting to gain entry into the home just to check on it I have used the sample letters found on here and gave them to... continue reading
Fremont, Alameda
I was on disability leave from my employer, and not paid for over six weeks, in October 2013, by my employer and its authorized disability insurance payor due to errors on their part. This caused me to be unable to pay my rent for October 2013.
Riverside, Riverside
I am on fixed income from Social Security benefits. I'm currently paying 70-93% for rent out of my primary income. I am disabled. I'm a victim of suffering to have my credit report damaged from property management/apartment illegally. My former roommates failed to pay the rent on time while I paid... continue reading
Fullerton, Orange
I gave my Landlord a 30 Day Notice on June 10, 2014 and am vacating on July 10th. The landlords became angry that I wasn’t staying until the end of the month, calling me “Puta” in spanish. They rent out each room of the house and don’t report it on their taxes. My landlord has given me rent... continue reading
Livermore, Alameda
I have been evicted from my home for non payment of rent but what seems to be so damn funny is i have residential ledger and my money order reciepts stating that their was a payments and on those money order wrote payment for rent. I been here for 15 months and before recieving notice fromof... continue reading
Ukiah, Mendocino
new landlord announced 22% rent rate increase; think this is overly abusive to me and should be illegal but probably isn't? should not be much more than 3.5% increase. felt like complaining. any helps? thanks !
Anaheim, Orange
We lived in a mobile home park for 17 years. Management served us with a unlawful detainer, we went to court for a year, lost the case. We were forced to move out in 5 days. Under the stipulation, we were allowed to remove the mobile home or sell it. When we tried selling it, management told us No... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
My name is Roland and I am writing for my 78 year old mother, Gladys. She recently fell getting out of the shower and injured herself. She made a request to the property management firm for them to buy and install grab rails in the bathroom for her safety. She was told that she would have to pay... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
Mutiple evictions from new managment. Nickle and dimeing tenants with threat of eviction. Safety issues. Many spanish speaking only are discriminated.
valencia, Los Angeles
I live in an apartment complex in the Santa Clarita Valley. I have lived at this location for about four years. I recently got my renewal notice from the management. I was horrified to learn that my rent is being increased by 7%. I was not given enough notice to move out, so I am now in a bad... continue reading
El Dorado Hills, El Dorado
We signed a lease in 2008; paid a security deposit; the house went into foreclosure in 2009; we signed a new lease with the buyer in 2009 and paid an additional security deposit-we are moving out soon; is he obligated to refund our initial deposit from the 2008 lease?
L. A., Los Angeles
Hello, I'm A Husband And Father That's Been Going Thru Hardship... I Have Been Living With My Parents For Nearly 3 Years Due To The Dissolution Of My Previous Relationship. I Have Been Trying And Trying To Get Back On My Feet... I Was Enrolled In A Trade Tech College And Just In The Middle Of My... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
Susan has been living in this home for 20+ years and I (Russell) have been living here for 14+ years. The home we live in is a 3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath home with a double car garage. The home was rented thru a property management firm. The house was originally rented to us below the market value... continue reading
Napa, Napa
Our home was coded For nine violations within a five day period we were given 60day notice. Then we have since found out that the water in the house is a slew of reasons bottom line being Ive been deathly ill for a year and half. And now were informed we've all been exposed to heavy metal poisening... continue reading
Venice, Los Angeles
I'd like to know my rights in this matter. I live in a four-plex building. Currently there are only 3 residents in the building; me, my neighbor with his roommate and dog. They gave me and my neighbor a voluntary termination of tenancy letter and a 60 day notice of tennant termination form and... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
My apartment was infected with BED BUGS. The apartment manager had it inspected and they said that I must throw my bed away and they would spray. The building has had this problem in the past and I have proof that I didn't cause the problem. I asked them to replace my full sized mattress and they... continue reading

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