Tenant Voices

Oakland, Alameda
I have attempted to move in to a new appartment after just getting in town for work. I am having an issue with the property manager refusing to acmnowledge, a mold or moldew smell in a cupboarder under the sink. I think it is likely mold, my girlfriend and j noticed it as soon as we took possession... continue reading
Sonora, Tuolumne
I have lived in the same apartment for 14 yrs, & have never had any remodeling done, while the other 4 units have all had new flooring & bath & kitchen fixtures. My new landlord wants to raise my rent from $750/mo to $860/mo, so that my rent is the same as the other apartments. CAN HE... continue reading
San Jose, Santa Clara
I am a disabled widow on a fixed income whose been a victim of unethical predatory lending practices wronful foreclosure, which lead to my being forced to file Bankruptcy procedures and is currently facing Eviction "3 -Day Notice to Vacate" with no resouces or ability to attain instant housing... continue reading
fallbrook, San Diego
Recently my Mobile home park has been under new ownership. The new landlords have been making tenants who have been living in the park for decades do drastic changes such as, getting rid plants, bikes, cars, sheds, ect. They show up and go onto the spaces and inspect once a week with out any... continue reading
Oakland, Alameda
Here is my story of what happened to me at the Oakland CA Rent Board. The Rent Board hears petitions, using a hearing officer, from tenants or landlords, to right claimed wrongs. The losing side may appeal to the Rent board to correct errors in the hearing officers' decision and ask for a re-... continue reading
Oakland, Alameda
Here is my story of what happened to me at the Oakland CA Rent Board. The Rent Board hears petitions, using a hearing officer, from tenants or landlords to right claimed wrongs. The losing side may appeal to the Rent board to correct errors in the hearing officers' decision and ask for a re-hearing... continue reading
McKinleyville,, Humboldt
Recently our county has been invaded by a for-profit housing corporation known as Inspire Communities. It is trying to buy up mobile home parks, then raise the rents unfairly. We are trying to get our representatives to enact a rent stabilization ordinance but are meeting with much resistance--... continue reading
Camarillo, Ventura
Moved in November- Brown water and Major electrical hazzards told , and physical ly showed landlords with pictures of brown water from pipes. Increased high lead levels in water dye to major pipe corrosion and copper. Molds, termite kick outs fleas, broken doors windows.
Dixon, Solano
There are five renters and the landlord living in a house in Dixon, Ca.. Four of us are living upstairs in a converted attic of three rooms and an additional bathroom. We have our own separate A/C and heat from the bottom floor where the landlord lives with another tenant, and one more empty room... continue reading
San Diego, San Diego
I'm part the GLBT nonpacific due to death threats Gasligting /TI - tactics by surround neighbors owners friends were hospital nurses and military/ break in non forceable lead to landlords. my personal belonging were ruin /urinated human fecies on . appliances were marked walls and tearing of... continue reading
Paradise, Butte
I am having trouble finding places that accept Section 8 in my county. Oregon outlawed Section 8 discrimination!
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Landlord has taken no action to improve property and when I requested the improvements be made she did not renew my lease and I've been forced to move. She is now taking actions to keep my deposit of nearly $6,000.00. I am looking for help.
West Sacramento, Yolo
we live at washington courtyards apartments, and it is suppose to be a secured complex, but the front gate has been broken for the last 2 years and the whole complex is infested by roachs, ants and fleas. There are a lot of lights out around the complex. they are also telling us that we cannot BBQ... continue reading
Colton, San Bernardino
i am a tendent at my aunts and just dedcied to sell her property but i only had two day notice and now i got a realtor telling me that i only have two weeks to move out is this true i know i have rights
Livermore, Alameda
My self and my children lived here at 3819 East ave for 13 years, We have had the same exact thing happen to us in years past with the landlord trying to give us a 90 days notice to terminate our lease. Reason because we complained over and over regarding the neighbors and the loud music that... continue reading
Roseville, Placer
The owner of my rental house has listed it for sale. I was notified after I paid the full month's rent for the month. I allowed agents to bring in prospective buyers with 24 hour notice. I have also allowed them to do the home inspection, which I had to take time off of work for since I do not want... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Hi my name is Abigail. I've been a Property manager for 6 years. I was first a Tenant and after 9 months and 6 managers I applied for the job. Last year it was clear that the management company was overcharging. They refused to refund all monies owed and forced me into continuing as though... continue reading
Hayward, Alameda
2 years back, I use to live in am apartment called Waterford Apartment. When we gave them noticed of moving out due to contract ends and the choice we had was month to month. My last payment was a cashiers check with the amount of $ 1399. This month I was looking for a place to live and the credit... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
the other week, I realized that there was a rat in my apartment. I called the company to tell them about it and they informed that if I wanted a pest control to come out that I would have to pay for it. They sent over the maintenance man to put rat traps throughout my apartment. I refused... continue reading
Pasadena, Los Angeles
I feel I have a landmark case if assisted. I believe my first amendment rights my civil rights were violated and my right to peaceful domain. Briefly I filed a TRO against the grandson of the property manager and the son of the bookkeeper. They are not the owner. They begged me to go to a... continue reading

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