Sierra Madre
Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I am a 54 year old man, separated from my wife, who has been living with and taking care of my 90 year old father for the past 2 years. I reside in the guest room, which is a small in-law apartment behind the laundry room (it is a 2 unit building and the laundry room is open to both apartments even though my father includes the in-law bedroom, living-room, and bathroom). In return for rent I buy food, make meals, clean the house, care for the garden, and accompany my father (or take him) to appointments. But more importantly, I keep him company and watch over him to make sure that he does not fall and that he is cared for.

This afternoon, Carol Ann, the landlady told my father that I could no longer stay there. So, in fear that he would be put out onto the street if he did not comply, my father told me that I was evicted starting immediately. Carol Ann even threatened to hire some men to throw all of my belongings into the street. I asked my father to back me up but he is afraid to.

Is this legal? Can I be made homeless without warning just because she owns the property? I am not on the lease, but I have offered to pay her a surcharge and she has refused it.

Also, without me being there my aged father is alone without any assistance or care. Is this legal, or even moral?

And lastly, his lease includes the in-law apartment to use freely for guests. It is why my brother and I chose this apartment when our father retired to California (he lived in Sierra Madre for 15 years in his younger life, and has many friends here). When he moved in the previous tenant who was renting just in the in-law apartment had not left yet, and so my father's agreed upon rent was reduced by many hundreds of dollars until the other tenant moved.

Does this not clearly show that he is leasing the in-law apartment and can use it? And if Carol Ann decides to take control of it from him, is he not entitled to that same reduction in rent?

This landlady has used intimidation to frighten an old man - and, I believe, to evict me illegally.

How can I stop her from jeopardizing my father and from casting me into the street?

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