Section 8 Clinic at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Are you being terminated from section 8? If you have a section 8 voucher and a scheduled hearing date with a local housing authority OR if you live in project-based section 8 housing, and have a termination hearing with your building manager and/or landlord, then sign up for section 8 hearing prep clinic! 


When : Fridays Twice a month 9:00am to 12:00pm 

Space is limited so call in advance to reserve a spot 


Upcoming clinics: 

 November 4, 2016 

November 18, 2016 

December 2, 2016 

December 16, 2016 

January 6, 2016 

January 20, 2016 

February 3, 2016 

February 17, 2016 

(800) 399-4529
Office Hours: 
Two Fridays per month 9am-12pm
Sect 8 Tenants Only , space is limited so call in advance to reserve a spot
5228 Whittier Blvd.
Street 2: 
CA 90022 213-640-3883

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