Housing Resource Center

Mission Statement:
"Assist and educate Monterey County residents to obtain and maintain affordable housing
and prevent homelessness."

History of the Organization
The Housing Resource Center (HRC) of Monterey County was incorporated in January of 1984 as the Monterey County Housing Council. In 1986 HAC received it’s 501.c.3 designation as a non-profit organization. Since 2007 HAC has been working on a merger with the Monterey County Housing Alliance (MoCHA). That are now combined into one agency.

Overview of Services
HRC programs assist Monterey County residents to either remain in their current rental unit, enter the rental housing market, or to learn about available housing services. Services focus on families and individuals who strive to maintain financial independence, especially the very low to low-income.

Security Deposit Guarantee Program
The Security Deposit Guarantee Program has been providing service to Monterey County residents since March of 1987. This is a "self help" program providing assistance with move-in costs for low-income households. Tenants pay their deposit to the landlord over a year's time in monthly installments without interest. HAC provides a guarantee to the landlord, via a Letter of Credit, for the full deposit amount, which protects the landlord while the tenant is paying their deposit. HRC has provided $523,890 of deposit guarantees in the past 21 years to 1,031 families. This program has an historically low derfault rate 6 - 7% (the number of families not following through and paying the full deposit themselves).

Emergency Rent Payment Program
The Emergency Rent Payment Program began providing services in 1992. The program has two components. First, there is an eviction prevention component for low-income Monterey County residents. Through that assistance HRC provides financial assistance to households who are experiencing an emergency, but have the ability to pay future month’s expenses. This program allows these households to remain in their current unit and avoid homelessness and the high costs associated with moving. Secondly, HRC assists homeless households with financial assistance to move into a rental unit. In sixteen years HRC has provided $1,335,158 of rental assistance to 2,302 households.

Community Education Program
HRC provides public education to enable Monterey County residents to locate community resources to address their housing concerns. Since 1994 we have served over 15,139 individuals through our educational services. While HRC targets low-income individuals, our workshops are open to all county residents with no income restrictions. Our educational offerings include:
Information and referral on housing related services;
Tenant Education
Fair housing education Including information on shared living arrangements
Housing search counseling
Comprehensive Financial Literacy Education

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8-5 M-F
Income and need that varies for services needed
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