Faith in Community (FIC) PICO

Faith in Community is a coalition of faith institutions working towards a more just, compassionate, equitable, and thriving city of Fresno. We do organizing that develops local leadership and conducts research on how to have our collective voices heard by holding those in positions of power and authority accountable for serving the common good. We do this out of our faith - different faiths, but united in how it compels us to fight for justice, dignity, and opportunity.As part of a Building Healthy Communities collaborative, everyday residents organized over the past two years to successfully push Fresno City Council to stop urban sprawl. We also lead Fresno “Night Walks” and the fight against mass incarceration, and have begun organizing leaders to lift up the Valley's cry for a fix to our broken immigration system that, first and foremost, provides a real, affordable, and humane pathway to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans.

2101 N. Fruit Ave.

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