Fair Housing Napa Valley

Fair Housing Napa Valley, formerly known as the Greater Napa Fair Housing Center, was established to eliminate discrimination in Napa County through education and enforcement in order to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to live in the housing of their choice. Fair Housing also provides advice, information, and if necessary, can assist by mediating or conciliating disputes that may arise between tenants and landlords. We serve the community as a neutral party seeking the fair treatment of everyone. Without the support of the community, we can never eliminate housing discrimination from our County

(707) 224-9720
Office Hours: 
9:00 to 5:00 PM, M - F Closed Wednesday afternoon except by appointment
One of the following criteria must be met: A. The property in question is in Napa County B. The landlord lives in Napa County C. The tenant lives in Napa County There is no income qualifier for services.
601 Cabot Way
(707) 224-1566

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